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2 Drive Failure (Parity + Data)

Matt Clawson

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While I was away during the weekend, it appears that I had two drives fail on my system.  One was the parity drive and the other was a data drive.  I've been rebooting my system trying to get access to disk 6 (data drive) to see if there is ANY way I can recover the data prior to losing it.  If anyone has any good ideas how to access the data in unraid/linux or in a windows machine it would be greatly appreciated.  I have 2x hard drives ready to be installed as replacements, but I want to see if i can save the data first.



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Prio one is to figure out if the drives can be detected or not. If they can't, then you need to send them to a company that specializes in HDD data recovery.


But have you started by verifying the cables are properly connected and optionally replaced cables or switched controller ports?

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Note that you have never mentioned exactly what the drive failure is. If the machine is totally unable to see the drive or if you get errors at a later stage. Or if you hear the drive make unexpected sounds like repeatedly spinning up or makes clicking noises.


Another thing - now you talk about "the drive". But the thread title says "parity + data". If any of the two disks can get back to working order (and you have stayed away from introducing any writes to the other disks) then you should be home free. If it's the data disk, then you can read out all the data or if the disk is well enough just install a new parity drive and rebuild. If it's the parity disk, then you can emulate the missing data disk.

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