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Reported Uncorrect = 19 [SOLVED]


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Those are read errors that couldn't be corrected by the internal ECC. The signal that comes off the read head of a hard disk is so weak and noisy that it takes a lot of signal processing and error correction to work out what is a 1 and what is a 0. In fact the signal is so poor it can't read individual bits - it has to recognise patterns of bits instead. I have a disk with 8 reported uncorrectable errors. They suddenly appeared towards the end of last year and I acknowledged them in the Dashboard and made sure I had a spare standing by. Eight months later and the figure hasn't increased so I put it down to a transient something or other - surface contamination, a power glitch, vibration. Naturally, I have notifications enabled so I'll be alerted if there's a change.


That particular model doesn't exactly have a stellar reputation, so you might welcome the excuse to replace it, though it isn't as bad as the ST3000DM001, which is the subject of its own Wikipedia article. However, are you sure it's only 8 months old? The SMART report suggests otherwise (2 years, 7 months power on time).

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