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How do I store my vm games on a specific drive?

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Hello.  I have a m.2 500gb samsung ssd that I have installed that I want to use specifically for game storage from my windows 10 vm.  Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to store and run my games off my m.2.  I would rather not use my cache drive.  Thank you very much.

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Get the drive mounted and formatted in the Unassigned Devices plugin. Make a note of the path.

Click the + beside the primary vdisk in the VM edit form view to add another vdisk. Select manual for the location, and type in the path to the drive that you set up in unassigned devices. Select whatever size you wish to assign, be it all or part of the disk. Save and start the VM. Go to disk manager inside the VM, and the newly defined disk should be ready to partition and format, and either assign it a drive letter or a folder relative to your C drive if you wish.

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1 hour ago, scufless said:

Got it to work.  So what I did was precleared the disk and re formatted it to NTFS and that seemed to work.  I guess Windows 10 doesnt like vdisks 


No virtual machine likes vdisks. vdisks are virtual disks - i.e. containers that are intended to contain a OS-supported file system. The vdisk container isn't for Windows but for the VM host (unRAID), while the contents of the container is for the VM (Windows).


A physical disk on the other hand isn't a virtual disk and when you hand over a physical disk to Windows then the disk itself must contain a partition with a OS-supported file system (NTFS).

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