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[6.5.3] Spontaneous reboots - plz help


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Hi everyone,

I've been an UNRAID user for 10+ years. This past month has been challenging. My server shutdown and refused to POST after running solidly for many years. I eventually replaced the motherboard and got back up and running. Now, I'm plagued with the server rebooting itself approx once per day. Nothing in the logs indicating anything usual or even consistent at the time of reboot. With the motherboard swap I have some large data migration work to do (trying to decommission some older drives). I am unable to get through a full parity check before a reboot occurs, so I'm SOL until this gets resolved.


I have switched out the PSU - no change. Changed the RAM - no change. Updated the BIOS on the new motherboard - no change. The system is on a UPS, so it's not brownouts.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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