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Hi All


So my unraid server uses an adaptec hba and sadly I'm unable to monitor it right now as I'm using unraid - primarily its just to check on the hba temperature as I have no other way to check it


I was wondering if there was anyone with a built docker file for this or that would be able to create one? I know this topic was brought up around 2 years ago and there were issues with having the software compiled into the docker and I believe it was decided the software would have to be downloaded and installed on docker run which is fine


I've found the following 2 Dockers that do this but their all on github so I've got no idea how to use them





I'm not sure if there are still licensing issues I'm not aware of, or it may be the case that this simply won't work at all but it would perhaps be useful to have for anyone on here running adaptec maybe now that their a lot more supported? 



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Hi guys, the simplest way to get storman up and running would be to use this command:

docker run -d --privileged --name storman -p 8443:8443 nheinemans/storman

and then navigate to https://your-unraid-box:8443 (https is required, but it is using a self signed certificate, so you'll get a warning in your browser).

The login credentials are root:root.


If you preferred something a little more persistent, you could create a docker-compose template like this:

version: '3.4'

    image: nheinemans/storman
    container_name: "storman"
    privileged: true
    tty: true
      - "8443:8443"


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