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Cannot stop parity check


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I am running the "clear data drive" script, and the weekly automatic parity check has started. This is slowing the clear considerably, to the point that it looks like it will take several days.


I have clicked on the "cancel" button next to the parity check on the Main tab, and confirmed the dialog. The status still reads "parity check in progress", even after 5 minutes and multiple clicks on "cancel".


Surely confirming the cancellation should either instantly stop the parity check, or change "parity check in progress" to "stopping parity check", preferably with some sort of estimate as to how long it will take?


In the meantime, how can I stop the parity check and actually have it stop?


UPDATE: it's now 10 hours later and the parity check is still running, despite my having said "cancel parity check… OK" three or four times. Has anybody ever managed to cancel a running parity check?



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