VM won't boot, Bare to VM migration

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Hello all,


I once again would like to request your collective brains for advice. First, I would like to thank everyone that has helped in the past. Lots of great people in the community and awesome content and developers.


I am Migrating a CentOS7 install from a bare server to a Virtual Machine. I know this way out of my league but here is how far I got...


Original Image is stored on a raid 5 at around 1.7GBs. 

- Went to the original OS, Copied files shrunk the LVs and restored the files.

- Then used lvmove to move the files so that the free space was at the end of the disk.

- Booted in GParted, then shrunk the PV so the overall image would only be 100Gbs.

- I then checked everything to make sure it still booted and everything worked.

- I loaded up Clonezilla, made images of the two partitions.


At this point I switched gears to load the VM...


- Brought up Unraids CentOS VM template, made the vDisk 105Gbs

- I loaded GParted and remade the partitions double checking flags and FS matches.

- Loaded Clonezilla, and restored the partitions to the vDisk.


I double check with GParted that the information made it on there however....No boot with seabios or OVMF

SATA is selected for bus, and changed HDC to SDX in the XML.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not sure what I have missed here that would prevent booting.


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