connection between 2 dockers (br0)


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I have two plex servers running on unraid.

One is in normal default mode (on the default unraid host IP .100), and one is on a different IP address (br0, with .128)


both works great out of the box, both is accessible from outside.

2 Plex servers need to plex monitoring dockers (Tautulli, aka plexpy).


As expected, I can connect to the .100 default plex server just fine, but i can not connect to the br0 .128 server. Only via WAN, but my WAN IP keeps changing, so it looses connection after a few days (home internet, periodically changing WAN IP ofc).



How can I connect my 2nd Plexpy (on the .100 server) to my br0 .128 Plex server? Is it possible? What do I need to change on the dockers network configuration?

If I point the 2nd Plexpy to, it will never connect. If I connect it to WAN:port, it works fine for a few days as expected. (I can't enter a DNS address).


Thank you!


edit: I posted this on the Tautulli docker support thread, but no answear for 2 weeks. This issue seems like a general network configuration issue.

edot2: solution from reddit:


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