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  1. How would I come about getting the rest of the ELK stack on Unraid? I have taken the official docker images of Kibana and Logstash from the docker hub and installed them, however I need to know of filemappings, portmappings, variables and such. I don’t really know anything about docker, so I was hoping that you had made those available on Unraid as well, but unfortunately no - and noone else has done it, it seems. Thanks, /Klaus
  2. I run an unraid server with 13 disks (9 HDD + 4 SSD for cache) with Plex and basically everything else that I need (which turns out to be quite a lot). The only thing I miss is a stronger focus on security, meaning that I want an other user than root to be able to login via the webgui and I want U2F og 2FA access to secure it. I would also like a better support of running the webgui on a different (admin) subnet now that the the two first options aren’t doable (as far as I know). Moving the webgui to a different nic looks to be a bit of a hassle but doable at least. All in all a good product. Focus more on security and I’ll be more happy, no doubt Thanks /Klaus