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  1. I have 2 linuxserver plex dockers running. one in host, the otehr is in br0. (unraid ip) and (br0). I have 2 tautulli linuxserver dockers running in bridge. First is 8181:8181, second is 8181:8182. my first tau docker can join to the plex docker my second tau docker can't join to the br0 plex docker. Only via internet. But since the IP changes in every few days, it looses connection. any idea what should i configure in each docker to be able to join them locally? thanks
  2. I just installed the new 1.21.x version, and HDR to SDR encode works like a charm with hw transcode. I have a 7700T (Kaby Lake), which supports hevc 10bit encode, decode. very nice, now remote users can watch HDR content easily. I even found the server side tonemap better, than the one done by PMP on directplay playback on sdr devices (w10). just my experience, maybe useful for others. I'm still on 6.8.x
  3. hi guys, maybe stupid question, but if I don't want to map these to RAM (don't have a huge amount), but to cache instead, would it work?
  4. what is the workaround? how do i know if i removed it? (I don't think I did btw, cos its more work, than just simply change 1 value) thanks for the quick reply! i think i changed it to 8182:8182, but the original 'parameter'
  5. I have 2 PMS (linuxserver) and 2 Tautulli (linuxserver) instances running. plex1 is host plex2 is br0 (different IP) both tautulli is bridge 8181 and 8182 ip mapped to host. occasionally my 2nd tautulli instance docker template is modified (during sunday morning scheduled jobs. auto update, or auto backup) and the 8181 default IP is also added to the template, after which it can't start, as it is already taken. Now both my plex dockers are linuxserver, and they obv. have different appdata folders, and they now got mixed up. can this 'feature' be disabled? any idea where to look for it? thanks
  6. Ok, i was going through my syslog, and found it by accident. So if anyone else wants to write this to share for any reason, you can use this very basic script: (via custom scripts daily or whatever) ##copy to user share cp /var/log/file.activity.log /mnt/user/backup/logs/FA/$(date +"%Y-%m-%d__%H-%M")__File_Activity.log ##clear the log /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/file.activity/scripts/rc.file.activity 'clear' ## remove logs older than 180 days find /mnt/user/backup/logs/FA/ -name '*.log' -type f -mtime +180 -exec rm -f {} \;
  7. Hello Is it possible to change the paths of the backup/cache/log directory? it says "Controlled by Docker Container" which doesn't say much to me. I'd like to put some of these to outside of /config
  8. wow, great. thanks! I want to copy the file daily. Is there a command in can run, to reset this log every day after a copied it? so a copy a file.activity_DATE.log file, and after that, reset the file with a command
  9. it worked with the ., but it was in 1 line in the web terminal. I removed the dot and the extra line, now it seems to be working. thanks! I didn't know the different line makes a difference even, it was just more readable for me
  10. I have a VERY basic find+cp script, which works in the web command line, but doesn't, when I want to run it with custom scripts (I just tried it manually) Any ideas? #!/bin/bash find /mnt/user/mini/myfolder/ . -iname '*.mkv' -exec cp -n {} /mnt/user/mini/myfolder \; When I click Run Script, I get the find results, and "find: './sys/kernel/slab': Input/output error" And the cp can't start with this error in the find 'results'. What am I doing wrong? Btw i just try to copy files from the subfolders to the main folder. the subfolders will be deleted by the DL client, when seeding is done.
  11. I'm still speechless. Thanks very much. Is there a way to get advanced view without this extra side effect? whatever, i can always toggle it off.