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  1. anyone else have a problem with cpu usage? I have a 7700T, and after every weekly sheduled job (sunday morning), when my docker appdata is backed up, deluge docker always starts with "high" cpu usage. idle my server is around 2% cpu, when nothing happens. after the restart it is a constant 8%. after i manually restart deluge, it goes back to 2%. if i don't touch my server, it will stay at 8% baseline for the whole week. i THINK it was the deluge-web process, last time i checked with 'top'. anyone else has this weired issue, that deluge-web cpu usage spikes on 1 thread after auto backup? (im on the last 1.3 build, before the 2.0 beta) I'm starting to get tired of this, any idea? or an idea where should i start? thanks
  2. you are right, but I don't think there is anyone who manages the plug-in anymore. and the problem with the plug-in is that it can't ignore nvme drives, so the 2nd part of what you wrote is impossible/doesn't work. I downgraded to the previous version (without nvme support), but it didn't work on 6.7.0 the github for it is abandoned. If I could fix it, I would
  3. It should be, but it doesn't work. it was reported months ago by several users, the developer did **** all about it. it seems like such and easy thing to do....
  4. same boat. older versions didn't have nvme support, so i guess it would solve the problem. any way to downgrade to the older version of the plug-in?
  5. maybe try 'nct6775' sensor. It works for my b250 intel board. auto detect didn't work for me either
  6. multiple people reported this nvme temp issue, no response. Seems like it would be an easy fix, but i guess noone cares. The plug-in could even ignore nvme drives by defalt, cos they aren't really cooled by FANs anyway.
  7. Is it Possible to install a previous version of AutoFan, before it had 'nvme support'? It just broke the functionality basicly for every nvme user
  8. Marbles: On linux you have access via the webUI only. The webUI doesn't have RSS features implemented yet (I wouldn't hold my breath, it was requested years ago, the devs gave a maybe later answer, but ofc it's not up to the LS.io guys). If you want RSS on unraid, you should use deluge (it's awesome), or give flexget a try, but that's a whole different world.
  9. Hi. I'm on 6.6.7, latest plug-in. Auto Fan doesn't exclude my cache drive. It used to work, anyone else has this issue? Now my fan speed is always based on my "hot" nvme ssd. tried restart, disable reanable, tick untick, etc. still. My highest temp (in the log) is always my nvme ssd temp any ides? thanks! edit: I see other people have the same exact problem. On my previous server build, I did not have nvme cache, and it did work as advertised. It excluded my sata ssd cache drive. I guess the nvme support is not great atm. (I also have an unassigned drive, but it's 2,5", always spun down and its cooler then my array hdd's, so I don't think this is the issue) Hopefully it will be fixed later.
  10. yesterday i was messing around with this docker, and i could only get to the webui on HOST mode. i mapped the ports, the -e webui paramter as well, but no luck... is there a downside running this docker in host (network) mode?
  11. thanks, but my config folder is mounted. webui password only reset after i (manually) update it. not after a restart
  12. i've been using this deluge docker for years now with the same mountings. If I download something to the docker.img, than it would show in 2 seconds. I usually download 5-10-100gig torrents. I checked the log size with a 'user script', which i found on this forum on a similiar topic. written by Squid I guess. it showed 500mb log after a 3 days uptime. i forced updated the image (auto update is off for deluge for me), than 1 min later, the script said my log is a few kb only. since i updated deluge (few weeks ago), i regularly see higher than normal cpu usage on deluge, deluge-web as well. (and i guess it's normal, that if I update deluge docker, my webui password resets, right) I think I didn't change any settings about logs, but the 6 month old build didn't have this issue. If I get home, I will send you the mountings, but they are fine. how can I even see the actual log files. maybe it would be easier to debug the problem. thanks
  13. that section is quite useless imho. I'm not downloading into the docker. something filling it up fast. can't even imagine how can deluge make 500 megs in a few days. my question is about deluge now, so anyone?
  14. hi my docker.img is filling up deluge Size: 280M Logs: 547.0MB in the last weeks, deluge and deluge-web has high cpu usage? any ideas? where can i even find these files I guess it's in the docker.img, cos they are not in the 'mapped' files. I'm not a docker/linux expert (as you can see) thanks! OK: I restarted the docker, and now the log size is 0, but i guess it will grow to this size in 1-2 days. anyone else with similiar issues?
  15. yeah google showed me the same. i used ts3 before, and I only forwarded the default port and it worked. it doesn't for a while now. any docker specific thing i should know? does anyone has this working with WAN:port?