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EU: LSI 9211-8i Price Reduction (£86)

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I had this in my Amazon.co.uk basket at around £120 and was considering purchase when I received notification that it had dropped to £86.  Snapped one up;




Now to figure out how to flash it for best unRaid performance.....


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7 hours ago, allanp81 said:

How does that compare to a Dell H310 sas that you can pick up from ebay for about £25?

It is, basically, the same card (of course, the OP purchased a new LSI card).  The Dell H310 uses the same SAS2008 chip from LSI Logic.  However, the Dell cards need to be cross flashed with 9211-8i IT firmware as they come with Dell proprietary RAID firmware (there are pre-flashed H310s available on eBay for around $55)


I just purchased an H310 for $30 on eBay (beware of Chinese LSI/Dell fakes) and flashed it to 9211-8i firmware yesterday.  Works great.




Look for server pulls or something similar in the EU.

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Likewise, I got one the other week and flashed it to IT mode. Cost me about £30 total and works great 

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