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  1. if you terminal into the docker and list devices is it definitely being passed through? I think lspci might show it (unless someone else knows the answer).
  2. I've done it, it's fairly straight forward to migrate the DB from mysql to mariadb, you can use mysqldump to backup from mysql and then import into mariadb. It's slightly more complicated to edit the nextcloud config though if you're using different DB credentials. In theory if the credentials are the same then nextcloud will just work when you restart the docker.
  3. Yes I have to agree with others, I'm not really sure what you're trying to achieve. If you just want a simple way of browsing your collection then Emby or Jellyfish is a much easier (and nicer) way to do this. Whatever you use though will be "out of sync" with your clients if the clients have their own local libraries.
  4. Well then in theory it'll work "standalone", don't see why not and then you can just browse via the web interface but if you have another client they'll show different results the next time you do a library scan on either. It's fairly easy to set up an SQL docker and then use a shared library.
  5. You need to use an SQL database to store your library otherwise I don't see why you would want to use this? You can configure all of your sources on another kodi instance and then copy the sources.xml over to the docker container for the kodi headless.
  6. I use it with others that can use the API to kick off library scans. It works great. You can set up scripts yourself to do this if you want as it's fairly easy to use the API to do certain functions.
  7. I've just got 1 of these drives and can confirm it's still an issue. I'm mounting via the unassigned devices plugin as well.
  8. I asked that before and was told there was no specific to use 1 over the other. I went for the docker route as I thought it was just easier to see how you're setting up directories for recordings etc. when using the docker interface. I think you still need the DVB plugin and then pass the device through to the docker. I use a networked HD Homerun so it just worked.
  9. Get the User Scripts plugin, that will allow you to set any schedule you like.
  10. I've got an N2 as well, great bit of kit and plays everything I've tried on it including near 100Gb UHD remuxes.
  11. Sorry I'm only running beta on my backup server currently which has no cache drives.
  12. It's so annoying, I had to re-architect my server to get around this problem (and obviously there was expense involved),.
  13. No I realise that, just wasn't sure if anyone was experiencing the same "issue". It seems to be a DNS issue, I'm getting different IPs returned when I look up my domain name depending on what computer I'm using.
  14. This seems to have stopped working for me this morning for no obvious reason. I've scanned all of the error logs and there's no errors logged that are any different to those that sporadically appear from time to time anyway. I'm perplexed.
  15. *EDIT* I think I answered my own question, seems to be a let's encrypt issue. My nextcloud instance seems to have stopped working this morning for no obvious reason. The nginx log is showing the following that it wasn't showing before: 2020/06/30 09:31:14 [error] 370#370: *355 directory index of "/config/www/" is forbidden, client:, server: _, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: "" 2020/06/30 09:31:14 [error] 370#370: *355 FastCGI sent in stderr: "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream, client:, serv