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  1. So strangely this now seems to be working... No idea why as I tried starting afresh and same issue so reverted back to my previous advancedsettings.xml and sources.xml and now it's seemingly working!
  2. I've tried trashing my appdata entirely and same issue. Either sonarr/lidarr/radarr are sending something weird (which can't be the case as my other clients all respond to a test) or the headless docker has an issue somewhere.
  3. Unfortunately nothing in that link seems relevant to my issue. The webserver on my headless docker is working and shows new items that other full clients have added.
  4. OK, enabled debug logging and I get this when sending a test from sonarr/radarr/lidarr etc: 2019-05-25 16:15:11.607 T:22479361640192 DEBUG: CWebServer[8080]: request received for /jsonrpc 2019-05-25 16:15:11.621 T:22479361640192 DEBUG: Previous line repeats 1 times. 2019-05-25 16:15:11.621 T:22479361640192 DEBUG: JSONRPC: Value does not match any of the enum values in type
  5. Yep, they both claim they were able to successfully talk to it, if I change a port etc. then they say they've failed. Worked fine with the krypton tag. Unfortunately I can't find many logs on the docker etc. to see where it's failing. There may be a way to enable verbose logging on the docker to get more of a clue.
  6. Nevermind, opening on a mobile shows the page differently. I have added the leia tag to the run command already and I know it's working as the headless web interface shows updates that I've added via other clients.
  7. Oh, the link just seems to take me to the root of the github page
  8. What am I supposed to be looking for on that link?
  9. I've updated all of my clients and docker to leia but it looks like the headless docker is not longer receiving updates from either sonarr or radarr and from the kodi.log it looks like nothing happens when they attempt to connect to it for update the library.
  10. I'm having this same issue and haven't changed anything other than upgrade Unraid. It used to show me load usage etc. but now only shows me battery charge level and estimated time remaining. I'm using an APC Back-UPS ES 700G
  11. Yes it seems to be working fine but obviously not reporting a version number anymore.
  12. Anyone else seeing this: I'm on "linuxserver/tvheadend:release-4.2" and the last time the docker updated was last night.
  13. Likewise, I got one the other week and flashed it to IT mode. Cost me about £30 total and works great
  14. How does that compare to a Dell H310 sas that you can pick up from ebay for about £25?