Rsync hangs during transfer from USB portable HDD


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I running v6.6.6 and am trying to copy ~600GB of data (DSLR photos) off a portable USB3 HDD onto my array. I'm using a rsync -avPX command via a terminal session to copy files from the drive (UD mounted) into a duplicate folder on my array. I have had the drive plugged into both USB3 and USB2 ports on the MB as well as a USB3 pcie card that I previously used in my old server. The problem persists no matter how the drive is connected. The transfer hangs on random files. If I close the terminal and open another and re-initiate the rsync it will start copying again and then not to long afterwards it will get stuck again. I used this same drive several weeks ago to copy nearly 1TB of files onto my old server using the same USB3 pcie card with no problems. I've searched the forums and have not yet found a solution or even anyone reporting a similar issue. I'm still trying to determine if this is an issue with my portable HDD or something on the server side. Any guidance would be appreciated. Is there a way to run a smart report on the portable HDD thru unraid?

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I'm beginning to think this issue is being caused by something on the server.


The files on this drive were all written from a mac laptop. I plugged the HDD into the laptop and the laptop to ethernet and then rsynced the files from a terminal on the mac. I ran overnight without any problems. Of course it is slower copying over the network as compared to copying files onto the array from a device connected directly to the server. However since the HDD can be read by the mac without issues that leads me to believe the issue is on my server. Now if I can just figure out what the problem is. 😂

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After more searching it looks like this is actually a known issue with the linux module that handles the hfs+ filesystem. Rsync is hanging due to a problem reading the hfs+ filesystem. I guess I just got lucky before when using this drive. Regardless, I'm switching to exFAT formatting on all my portable hard drives now since I have windows, linux and mac machines. Hopefully that will fix the problem.

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