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Help with plex

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Hi all,


I've been on the plex forums trying to get help with a problem i'm having with Plex Media Server on Unraid.


About 2 weeks ago plex stopped downloading metadata including cover images. I've restarted plex, restarted unraid with no luck. I've even removed the docker, all files relating to plex and reinstalling Plex Media Server. No luck. I still can't get plex to download metadata.


I thought hey it could be my naming scheme (I doubted it) so I spun up a windows vm, installed plex, added a new library pointing to the existing folders and plex sucked them all in and grabbed all the metadata just fine.


I'm at a complete loss as to what it might be. The _only_ thing i'm left wondering is, is it possible plex on unraid can't communicate with the movie database servers. I know it's not a problem with my network because the other plex server can get the data fine... it's got to be specific to plex on unraid.


If anyone has any ideas i'd love to hear them. I'm getting close to having to abandon plex on unraid which i'd prefer not to do if possible. I love the fact unraid can do everything but plex is heavily used so it's my most important service.


Thank you all :)

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You asked that this thread be deleted, but others have replied and I am reluctant to delete their posts.


If you found a solution, please share it with the rest of the community. It might help someone else.


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