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I've been a user since version 3 or 4, a convert from windows home server.


I currently have an i7 with 16gb ram sitting in an asus z170.

9207-8i controller  running 6 x WD Red 6tb data drives

Twin SSD's on the MB Controller as btrfs cache

Twin WD Red 6tb Parity drives on the MB controller - average parity check speed is 109mb/s

Intel i350-T2 NIC

all sitting in a 4u rackmount with hot swap bays etc


I am really happy with this, it's been rock solid.


But my question is, if I was going to upgrade it to get better raw transfer performance - would the next level be enterprise class drives?  WD Gold's?  Or would I need to goto full enterprise level sas drives and better controllers?


This is just for my planning, I started out with an old celeron with Samsung F1 750gb's and have been slowly upgrading as parts died - I am really impressed with how well unraid handles motherboard changes etc


thanks for taking the time to read.





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On 1/26/2019 at 2:00 PM, LunchB0xK1ller said:

10 GbE card in the server and the main workstation with a direct attach copper cable with help with transfer performance.


This, if you are looking for transfer TO/From the server...if you are talking about mover putting stuff in the protected array then that's a very different question ;).

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Sorry for the very late reply - i forgot to turn on notifications and stopped checking in after a week or so.


My network gear (Unifi) does not support 10gbe DAC.  I could buy a switch in that same family that does - but I have 2x1GB links in a LAG and have not come close to saturating it.


Main interest is in mover into array, array parity checks, and plex responsiveness - theres quite a lag between musiccast (yamaha speakers) calling a flac file which is in the array from plex (hosted in docker on the same server).


For the timebeing i have started upgrading replacement drives from WD Red to WD Red Pro's, and I was considering moving to a ryzen system with ecc memory.


Many thanks for your responses

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