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  1. I had reds back to 2tb - touch wood I have to say i am really happy with them. Although I took not of the advice on here all those years ago and bought drives at different times to try and avoid getting more than one drive from a given WD production batch. It could be you got unlucky. Prior to that i bought 3 samsung F1 750gb drives at once and they all went wrong at the same time roughly I started with Reds, then went to wed pros from 8tb, and just bought an ultrastar 12tb (basically a pro) - they have all been extremely reliable to date. I have had trouble with che
  2. Thanks! Probably my dockers then I guess, ill have a dig That command was perfect, many thanks!
  3. Wow that's a cool setup - do you mind me asking what brand of Ram you are running please? 4x8 or 2x16?
  4. Hi, I currently run two servers - A primary On an i7-7700k (Ex photoshop workstation) and a secondary on a ryzen 2200g (literally the cheapest thing i could find at short notice when my athlon mb died) The primary has a 24tb array with dual parity, it hosts plex and crashplan, and with that level of load has a pretty easy life The secondary has a 14tb array, it runs sickrage, couchpotato, headphones, and a windows VM that runs syncback every night to copy the mission critical shares from the primary So - the secondary has the bigger workload
  5. How did you go? The thing I have always loved about unraid is how tolerant it is of upgrades if you do decide you need more power.
  6. I never had the guts to put pfsense in unraid 🙂 glad it's worked out well, agree - it's a great bit of software, and it just keeps getting better.
  7. Sorry for the very late reply - i forgot to turn on notifications and stopped checking in after a week or so. My network gear (Unifi) does not support 10gbe DAC. I could buy a switch in that same family that does - but I have 2x1GB links in a LAG and have not come close to saturating it. Main interest is in mover into array, array parity checks, and plex responsiveness - theres quite a lag between musiccast (yamaha speakers) calling a flac file which is in the array from plex (hosted in docker on the same server). For the timebeing i have started upgrading
  8. Hi There, I have had the log fill up on both of my unraid servers and I wanted to clarify something please. I have this entry in GO # Enlarge the LOG partition (because Dynamix System Stats needs at least 186Mb, default LOG is 128Mb) mount -o remount,size=768m /var/log When I type mount in the terminal (Loving the terminal option in the Web Gui BTW) I get this: tmpfs on /var/log type tmpfs (rw,size=128m,mode=0755,size=768m) That does not look right to me? shouldn't there just be one size defined in what is
  9. Hi, I've been a user since version 3 or 4, a convert from windows home server. I currently have an i7 with 16gb ram sitting in an asus z170. 9207-8i controller running 6 x WD Red 6tb data drives Twin SSD's on the MB Controller as btrfs cache Twin WD Red 6tb Parity drives on the MB controller - average parity check speed is 109mb/s Intel i350-T2 NIC all sitting in a 4u rackmount with hot swap bays etc I am really happy with this, it's been rock solid. But my question is, if I was going to upgrade it to get better raw tra
  10. I had same problem - doing this mentioned above by some other helpful person fixes it: Go to your Headphones appdata folder and edit config.ini and change http_host to the below. http_host =
  11. This is what I bought: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0085FT2JC/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I used a freight forwarding company to get it from the US to NZ.... it's like 4 times the price to buy in new zealand... you aussies think you have it hard!!! I'd buy stuff from aussie but the shipping costs are an absolute joke... can't win!
  12. I ended up blasting the config and rebuilding the array, all went ok. However I find the Unraid is super sensitive to read errors, I pulled a hot swap drive out (the one that had previously red balled - and the resulting 47 read errors made it disable the disk (parity 2) - only way i could get it back in was to down the array, remove parity 2, up the array, down the array, add parity 2, up the array and rebuild parity.
  13. Hi There, I had a drive drop off a couple of days ago, sucessfully rebuilt. all seemed ok. Now I have had two more dries drop off, thankfully i have dual parity, so i am okayish.... but its got me stumped... the drives both have good smart tests, and seem available, but don't get added to the array, syslog has a bunch of errors i do not understand, hoping you good people can help me. I have changed sata cables and even swapped cables from a spare drive that was not in the array... it seems really weird. I have started a rebuild on the array with