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Is a B360M mobo good enough?

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My goal for this build is to use it as a Plex server and run some dockers to help me manage my Linux (:D) torrents. It would serve 1 or 2 people at most and I have a Roku device, therefore, the transcoding feature will only be used occasionally.


Parts that I have

Case - Fractal Design Define R5 Black

PSU - Cortek Sirius 800W Plus Gold

HDD - 5 x Western Digital Red 6 TB (Plan to get 3 more in the near future)

SSD - Samsung evo 1TB


Parts that I am considering getting

Processor - Intel Pentium Gold G5400

Mobo - Gigabyte Aorus B360M Gaming 3 motherboard

RAM - Kingston 8GB DDR4 (KVR24N17S8/8)

HBA - Dell PERC H200


Is the Gigabyte Aorus B360M Gaming 3 motherboard good enough for this build? All I really need is the 6 x sata ports, and a PCI-E slot to add the hba card for future storage expansion. The additional RAM slot helps too. I'll be getting the mobo used, for around $67 

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I think the board will be fine, but I'd go with at least 4 cores (think i3-8100 for example). If you won't be installing a discrete GPU, I'd also scale down the PSU to 400 Watts (800 is total overkill here).

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Before you buy the motherboard, make sure its compatible with the Dell PERC H200 card, my motherboards doesn't recognize the LSI 9201-8i Card.

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