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  1. drdebian

    [Support] binhex - Tvheadend

    yes, that fixes the problem. definitely a bug in the template.
  2. drdebian

    DietPi Install on KVM

    somehow it doesn't find the root filesystem with these settings... any ideas?
  3. drdebian

    Best "bang for the buck" upgrade...

    Coming from an Athlon II X2, the i3-8100 will already feel like from another galaxy. You'll definitely have to upgrade the RAM as well, 4 gigs isn't going to cut it if you intend to run Windows VMs at all.
  4. drdebian

    Is a B360M mobo good enough?

    I think the board will be fine, but I'd go with at least 4 cores (think i3-8100 for example). If you won't be installing a discrete GPU, I'd also scale down the PSU to 400 Watts (800 is total overkill here).
  5. drdebian

    Support for intel i7 9700k

    Yeah, that's the exact reason I went with an 8th gen i3-8100 for my first unRAID build, which has now been upgraded to a i7-8700. Board and BIOS support the 9th gen processors, should I find the need to upgrade.
  6. drdebian

    emhttp segfaults?

    Thanks, turns out there were issues with the m.2/pcie card holding one of my cache pool drives, producing errors on the pcie bus and creating instability in the process. Removing the card (and going back to a single cache drive) made all issues go away, including the webGUI crashing.
  7. drdebian

    [Plugin] Mover Tuning

    Is there anything special to watch out for when uninstalling this plugin? I found that after uninstalling, the mover does no longer do anything at all... Any ideas?
  8. drdebian

    emhttp segfaults?

    I've been experiencing strange crashes in the web GUI lately. When trying to restart it from the command line, I get a segfault error returned to me: /usr/local/sbin/emhttp: line 54: 19797 Segmentation fault /usr/local/sbin/emhttpd Any ideas?
  9. drdebian

    Rsync GUI Base Just Like Freenas Request

    yes, better rsync support would be nice, also in terms of offering it as a service for other systems to connect.
  10. drdebian

    [Support] Djoss - Avidemux

    yes, that seems to have fixed it, thanks!
  11. drdebian

    [Support] Djoss - Avidemux

    I can't seem to get this container to work. Going with the defaults, there are a number of erros in the log: Connecting to the WebGUI gives me an empty page: any ideas?
  12. drdebian

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    thanks, that's a good read. Good to see that it also supports Slack and Pushbullet, I'll have to look into those as well now.
  13. drdebian

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    First off, this is a really helpful docker, thanks for creating and maintaining it! To make it perfect for me, I'd like to enable email notifications of alerts, but can't figure out where to start. Any ideas?
  14. drdebian

    [SUPPORT] pihole for unRaid - Spants repo

    I seem to be having a hard time setting this up... Using the default settings (minus redefining port 80 for the webinterface) I get the following error when trying to launch this docker: /usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint pihole (846d19887a647cd73a7f4d9d940d6dd7ae3b7c3943a6b6df336c1c2705227f32): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use. The command failed. Any ideas?
  15. didn't see it in the post, so let me just recommend getting hardware acceleration using Intel QSV going, decreased the transcoding time by factors of 10+ for me.