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  1. drdebian

    [Support] Djoss - Avidemux

    yes, that seems to have fixed it, thanks!
  2. drdebian

    [Support] Djoss - Avidemux

    I can't seem to get this container to work. Going with the defaults, there are a number of erros in the log: Connecting to the WebGUI gives me an empty page: any ideas?
  3. drdebian

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    thanks, that's a good read. Good to see that it also supports Slack and Pushbullet, I'll have to look into those as well now.
  4. drdebian

    [Support] Data-Monkey - netdata

    First off, this is a really helpful docker, thanks for creating and maintaining it! To make it perfect for me, I'd like to enable email notifications of alerts, but can't figure out where to start. Any ideas?
  5. drdebian

    [SUPPORT] pihole for unRaid - Spants repo

    I seem to be having a hard time setting this up... Using the default settings (minus redefining port 80 for the webinterface) I get the following error when trying to launch this docker: /usr/bin/docker: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint pihole (846d19887a647cd73a7f4d9d940d6dd7ae3b7c3943a6b6df336c1c2705227f32): Error starting userland proxy: listen tcp bind: address already in use. The command failed. Any ideas?
  6. didn't see it in the post, so let me just recommend getting hardware acceleration using Intel QSV going, decreased the transcoding time by factors of 10+ for me.
  7. drdebian

    Telegram Group Chat for unRaid

    man... you need to spread the word more... kinda lonely in there
  8. drdebian

    [Support] Djoss - HandBrake

    On a side note, I just figured out how to speed up h.265 encoding by a factor of 10: use Intel Quick Sync Video found in most current CPUs... it's a world of difference... add "modprobe i915" and "chmod -R 777 /dev/dri" to /boot/config/go at the end, then proceed to add the /dev/dri device to your handbrake docker container... lastly, chose the "H.265 (Intel QSV)" codec in the video section of handbrake... profit!! 😎
  9. Putting "modprobe i915" and "chmod 777 /dev/dri -R" in /boot/config/go and handing the docker container the /dev/dri device works like a charm on unRAID 6.6.6 running on my i3-8100! Thanks for the help, guys.
  10. drdebian

    Telegram Group Chat for unRaid

    the join-chat link seems to have expired... is there a new one?
  11. drdebian

    ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    Certainly, just sent it off.
  12. drdebian

    ControlR (Android/iOS app for unRAID)

    somehow the space used on disks isn't always displayed correctly... the last digit seems to be cut off, regardless of which font size I use... the numbers in the Screenshot should be 912 GB and 481 GB respectively...