S.M.A.R.T. test from BIOS different then UnRaid's should I be concerned?


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Just yesterday my Server that has been booting up faithfully for years all of a sudden stopped and showed the error:

Port 4 - HGST HDN72404OALE640 - SMART status bad. Backup, exchange, replace drive.


When I continue to boot it starts the array just fine and in UnRaid SMART reports are just fine. For the time being I disabled in the BIOS the check for SMART and it boots now just fine. Should I be concerned?


The problem is I can't correlate Port 4 to the disc as I have 3 other discs with the same labeling it is the part that follows that is different. I have sdf, sdg, sdh & sdi (the parity) that all start with the number that the BIOS SMART test reports.


I am open to suggestions but since I only check the UnRaid GUI should I correct this BIOS flagging or just keep an eye on the UnRaid SMART report?

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There is only an enable or disable for all drives. When enabled it comes back with the error message and the prompt hit F1 to run BIOS setup. In the BIOS I hit F8 to bring up the boot menu and you can only select any of the drives that are detected once I select the USB drive it just boots up the UnRaid OS and everything is then normal as it always has been with no indication in the UnRaid GUI of a drive with a SMART status bad.

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Thanks for all the quick replies. On Thursday I will have a new drive same size. Now here are a few questions for replacing the suspect drive and I am running Unraid version 6.3.2


1. Do I need to unassign the old parity drive first or is just replacing the drive enough?

2. Do I need to preclear the new drive first?

3. Or do I just take the old drive out replace it with the new drive and then after powering up the server just start the array, tick the box for starting the parity check.


Any help with an easy step by step procedure after powering down the server and replacing the parity drive would be appreciated.




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