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Fan speed and MB temp with AX370 based MB

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I have an UNRAID server about 7 years. Updated to 6.6.6 now.

The hardware was very old(Pentium D something..) so I didn't care about fan speed.. The fans was on max speed all day long...

I upgraded the hardware(There were very good deals in newegg on the last black-friday..) to AMD AX370 besed MB. The motherboard has 5 sockets for fans.(4 pins)

The first problem:

I can get the MB temp. Only the CPU temp appears. 

I use the system temp plugin. - the "detect" doesn't works(don't know why, perl installed), so I put manually "it87"(and tried also K10 temp)


The second problem:(I guess the problems are related)

In the case, thre are 3X120mm 3 pin fans.

The fans is fully controlled by the bios.

But I can't manage to get any readings to the autofan pluging, so I can't control them from unraid.(I want to set it to work according to the disk temperature)


Do you have any suggestions? 


Thank you!

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The k10temp module will only read the temperature sensors in the CPU itself and than now works with AMD family 17h processors. If you want to read the motherboard's temperature and fan speed sensors you need a driver for the actual Super I/O chip that's used. The out-of-tree it87 driver did support a vast range of IT87xxx and related Super I/O chips but the maintainer (groeck) grew increasingly frustrated with his inability to meet the demands for support due to almost nonexistent documentation and abandoned it, deleting the source code from his repo. It seems a few people forked it just before it disappeared so some brave soul might take up the challenge and eventually get it included. See here and here. The remaining it87 driver code that had already made it into the kernel supports only a much smaller subset of IT87xxx chips.

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