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Blu Ray Pass through in WIndows 10 VM

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Ive got a bit of a problem with my set up. I have a Windows 10 VM running on a Ryzen 2700 and Asus Strix b450 gaming E mobo. I have passed my NVME drive though for the vm boot drive and working on the GPU its an older gtx 660 and I'm going to have to dump the vbios on another computer at some point, project for another day. What I'm most concerned with today is passing my Blu Ray through to the VM Which I seem to have done but the Virtio drivers are not loading for it in the VM. The come up with then error of drivers are corrupted how ever I have used them for everything else and they work just fine. I have redownloaded the drivers in VM Manager and came up with the same result. I have included the diagnostic file. What I am I missing? 

Edit: I figured out what was wrong with the graphics card pass through it seems the card was basically dead it would show a 2d image but if it was asked to any thing more than that it crashed. SO one problem solved. 

Thanks Mike


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I forgot to mention the Blu Ray is Plugged in to the mother board SATA port #1 the rest of the Drives are on an HBA card

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