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Permissions won't fix

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I have been slowly converting my 13 disk array from reiserfs to xfs. I have 4 disks left, but have run into an issue with unBalance. When I run the "Plan" stage to move files from any of the 4 remaining reiserfs disks to an xfs disk, unBalance warns me that I have permissions error with folders (anywhere from 4 to 22 depending on the disk).


I have tried running Docker Safe New Permissions several times, but it does not fix the issue. I have also tried just going ahead and hitting the "move" button in unBalance. When I do, it goes to the transfer page and I see the list of folders like normal, but the process finishes in seconds with yellow checks next to each folder in the list and when I look at the contents of the destination drive, nothing was actually transfered.


Any ideas on what's going on and how to fix it? Thanks!!!!


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I'm not sure if it's related but I encountered similar issues with coping large amounts of files to shares from my old NAS.

I have 4 shares with each only R/W permission for my family members. For the time being I also added my own account as R/W to the user-share for the convenience. After copying I set my account to access denied on the shares of family member but then some folders inside were not accessible by the rightful owner.. Turn out I had to manually chown -R <user>:users ./the-user-share to fix the problem since <user> was set to my own instead of (in this case) my son's account.



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I'm not sure. I only have 2 users set up and both have R/W. I've never (to my knowledge) changed those permissions from when they were first set up.

Kinda stumped on this one especially since I've had no trouble with the 9 other drives.

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