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  1. Got question - could I run it instead of kvm or just next to it - i true like the simplicity of cloning machines and snapshotting it and I got a too many virtualbox vm's. Does it run as docker? Seems the startpost hasnt got updated for centuries..
  2. Hello All, I would like to know how I can add extra information to the VM page like where the Primary vDisk Location is and the min/max memory setting. Also would be nice if I could add additional fields eg. machines ip-address - I know, it's possible to put all that into the description but it would not line up nicely imho. Regards Sjoerd
  3. Oh oke.. I would have expected that they fill up kinda equally like when disk is half full an other would being filled up. So if I understand is correctly, the 3TB at the bottom of that list is being filled before the empty 2TB drive? @johnnie.black Thank you for that link.. I remembers the graph from way back but clearly forgot what it mentioned.
  4. Trying to find a plugin that adds a couple of new columns to the shares-tab (allocation method, included disk, excluded disks). All my shares are set to HighWater and are allowed to use all disks. Some shares are set to use the ssd-cache. Reason I would like to see the extra informatie is that I got some very strange behaviour. One of my 2TB disks is not being used at all and I can figure out why.. I added the disk to the array around Februari this year. Disk 7 not being used at all. Current uptime is 3 months. Any thoughts? Hi,
  5. Any news if this is going to be in a new release or plugin?
  6. 👍 well - sorted I guess 🙂
  7. Yes I did click - check for updates. They are spinning for about 10 min now. Oh wait - I reloaded the page with dockers and now I see they can be updated. It seems 3 out of 4 dockers could be updated. I wonder why I had to check manually using the "check for updates" button and why they kept spinning for so long (until i refreshed the page).
  8. I'm a bit puzzled I installed your version from the CA And when I start the webui the webui tells me is available. The download now link let me download plexmediaserver- from download.plex.tv but I got a feeling that not a docker. And what do u mean with "updates are done automatically via script". Can I check I those scripts actually fire (logs and suchs)
  9. Hi, Sorry for my late reply; So I just need to wait a bit then I guess 🙂
  10. Hello binhex, Thank you for this plexpass docker. I noticed the other day the plex has an update "A Plex Media Server update is available for the server SJOERD Tower! Download now. Do I need to update it from within the docker or do we need to wait till you made a new docker ? Regards
  11. Oke - I will try to umout then otherwise I can reboot the array tonight. Not going to reboot during the day unless I absolutely have to. My family won't like that.. Edit 1: Uhm - oke When I umount /dev/sdt1 (USB3_1G) it got remounted as /dev/sdr1 Also - I cannot remove (rmdir) the connected directory (Device or resource busy) which is ofc impossible since the drive is on my desk. Maybe I accidently (but consciously) mapped the drive in docker or something.. Will investigate Edit 2: I was able to reboot the array. After the array was up I got an extra item on the main tab. Under the unassigned devices section I got a line to remove the missing disc (it got identified by the usb-drive's serial-number). After I clicked "remove" the drive disappeared from the mountlist (df) and I was able to rmdir /mnt/disks/USB3_1G So - fixed 👍 Still not sure why those two usb-drive stayed mounted 🤔
  12. Oh cool - i didn't know there was a tool like that. There's a lot of info in there. I checked the df.txt (which I should have done using df -hP on the console ofc) and found "the problem". A couple of days I made backups of my usershares to those two (indeed ntfs-formatted) external usb-drives with hexbin-krusader. After I unmounted those disks properly with the unassigned devices plugin but I guess something went wrong. I seems I also have two shares namely \\tower\Elements and \\tower\USB3_1G visible in my windows file-explorer but those share are not at the shares-tab. Can I simply umount those drives ? Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/sdt1 932G 405G 528G 44% /mnt/disks/USB3_1GB /dev/sds1 1.9T 405G 1.5T 22% /mnt/disks/Elements This is weird tho: root@Tower:/mnt/disks# ls -l total 8 drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4096 Mar 6 18:19 Elements/ drwxrwxrwx 3 nobody users 21 Feb 15 17:15 SLOT20_320GB/ drwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4096 Mar 6 18:18 USB3_1GB/ Can they be removed with rmdir ? SLOT20_320GB contains my vm's so that's a valid directory/mapping