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  1. Hi Gents, I want to use a project specific runner to sync submodules. I know everything is in the gitlab docs like ( but i'm not sure how to do that using unraid. Are the runners available in the Gitlab-ce by default or do i need to follow the docs. Bit uncertain how to proceed since I only used dockers from the "Community Applications"-section. Regards, Sjoerd
  2. Hello, I got unraid's syslog server running and got some questions: I created a new share named "syslog" - nothing fancy, but the logfile that appears hase this sign: root@Tower:/mnt/user/syslog# ls syslog- i rather have a hostname instead of the ip, since ip address could change since, you know, dhcp. Yes, this particular ip is from my workstation but that workstation also got virtualbox running with at least 2 vm's active... I want to set those vm's up to send there logs also to unraid - Checking configuration or denied errors on all those machines driving me nuts - so yeah syslog 🙂 * Sooo how can I tell unraid to create syslog-$hostname.log and * How can I see the logs realtime on eg tower.local/logging.htm ? Regards, Sjoerd
  3. Hello, I would like to see "ccze" being added - would that be possible ( It's available from the default ubuntu repo's and rhel (although seems to be missing on rhel8 though but the rpm from rhel also works on rhel 8. Regards Sjoerd
  4. Installed this on a couple of days ago - Had no trouble installing this - pretty much runs out of the box just takes some time to startup the first time. Had some trouble registering the first user.. Couldn't figure out first username. But got is all running. Got just a question: In case of a disaster, how do I recover/restore my code. Seems everything resides on the cache in appdata and since that is cache preferred and always active the mover will not move it to the array.. in fact the mover with move it from the array to the cache - I my cache is only about 112GiB which is enough for daily use. But main question - If I need to reinstall the docker for some reason, how can I restore the data and configuration.
  5. Hey I got this question/issue I used to run my webserver on baremetal right behind the router. The server (ubuntu 16.x lts) had a the ufw (just iptables wrapper) installed and I had quite a blacklist to prevent known nets and ip-addresses from spamming / hacking the site. Last week I moved the entire website to a vm and all trafic goes through NPM. - apache2 does'nt know where the traffic comes from (yeah, the reverse proxy). When it was not behind the reverse proxy I had this line but that does not work anymore LogFormat "%{X-Forwarded-For}i %l %u %t \"%r\" %>s %b \"%{Referer}i\" \"%{User-Agent}i\"" proxy - ufw does'nt know it either since everything comes from the reverse proxy How can I fix these issues?
  6. Script is running as we speak.. Disabled the plugin's cron till it claimed ready
  7. I was (ofc) not aware of that. I used the plug-in and seems to be working. I will pick up the new version of autovmbackup too Thanks for bringing that to my attention
  8. Oh right - Thank you - I run into this script by the on of the many tutorials of "our" @SpaceInvaderOne. I will go fetch that plug-in then 🙂
  9. I must be blind. I saw those in screenshots but they were from an older version of unRaid. I took couple of seconds after I reopened the page Additional info: So yeah when I either click show log or Download log I only get a partial logfile. Last line says "Full logs for this script are available at /tmp/user.scripts/tmpScripts/unRaid_autovmbackup-0-4/log.txt". That's kinda inconvenient since that directory is not accessibly directly. Isn't there a way to consolidate all these logfiles under tools/logfiles or something? Something like that might be already there but I just started unravelling the unraid. I merely was user using my vm's but it seems I need to be a good unRaid administrator as well 😁
  10. Hi @danioj Started to use the script. I like the option to turn vm back on once backupped but it seems vm's that were already down are also started after the backup. The vm's are down for a reason.. My unRaid server is dimensioned to run 4 vm's - but I have a lot more which are on and off from time to time. I guess you know what happend with the unRaid server after it tried to start the 7th vm.. No more memory. Could you tell me how to modify the script so that vm's that are down stay down (or make a 0.5?) Thanks Sjoerd
  11. Started to use the auto vm backup script from danijo. Added a custom cron to start the script each monday morning at 3am. Prior to that I tested a the custom cron during the day. What is miss (or at least failing to find) is a log of the script. When started on de forground the webui displays script output. Is this output stored somewhere so I can monitor the progress or when it's done just to check the log if everything went oke?
  12. Sorry for the late reply. I will look into it when I got my site running as I want it. Been bit hectic around here right now. Is seem like I should be moving to docker but I got little time to dig in (and maybe a little time is all i need - i know)
  13. Wordpress doesnt "complain" about the old php version under ./wp-admin/site-health.php? My current site runs ubuntu 16 and php 7.0.33 to where the my virtualbox runs 18 and php7.4 (and i might even go for ubuntu 20 lts since i got released recently. Not sure if that comes with php7.4 or higher @Kru-x how do you keep WP up to date? everytime wp has a new version we get an updated docker ?
  14. Hi, Currently moving from my virtualbox vm (ubuntu 18lst, apache, php7, mariadb10xx, wordpress) to a kvm on unraid but I noticed a mariadb docker and new wordpress docker. I might go for the these two dockers. Just question. The WordPress docker. Does that contain the apache webserver as well - which version of php does is have. I php libs are missing how can we deal with that. Currently installing php as follows: $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt -y install software-properties-common $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php $ sudo apt update $ sudo apt -y install php7.4 $ sudo apt -y install php7.4-curl $ sudo apt -y install php7.4-mbstring $ sudo apt -y install php7.4-imagick $ sudo apt -y install php7.4-zip $ sudo apt -y install php7.4-gd $ sudo apt -y install php7.4-mysql If the two dockers give too much hassle I rather stick with a kvm (which is nearly done configuring) I just like the concept of using dockers tho but if it hinders me I'll skip and I don;t have the knowledge how to make my own dockers
  15. Thank you -I managed to reset the password - I already found that page but I guess I need to go back to school since I lost the ability to read a page properly