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(SOLVED, dumb) early in setup, swapping out cache drive- wiki seems backassward


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I currently have an old 64gb SSD + 128 GB SSD set as a cache pool.  I watched a few space invader One videos and realized I'd be better off dedicating a 500 GB SSD to the cause.  I figured that turning off the cache on all shares then initiating the mover would theoretically make it easy to swap drives but the documentation/ wiki says the opposite of what I expected:



Replace A Cache Drive

Click on Shares and set all shares present on your Cache disk to Use cache disk: Yes. This will cause the Mover to move all shares OFF the Cache drive!

 Wouldn't setting all the shares to Use cache disk: NO cause the mover to clear off the cache drives?


I've been known to be wrong often so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Turn on the help for the share settings page and read the description of what each of the cache modes does.


cache yes means new files written to the share go to cache, and when mover runs they are moved to the array.

cache no means new files are written directly to the array, and the mover won't touch files currently on the cache for that share.


It's not backwards from the perspective of new files written.

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