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What will an old mounted parity drive look like?

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So I lost 8 drives due to a completely moronic move and I have been repairing them one by one. I do not know which drives were which. I have been de soldering the BIOS chips of my old drives onto new PCBs and so far so good. I have managed to resurrect 3 of 8 dead drives so far. What I am curious about is this: when I finally get to my old parity drive and I plug it in and mount it, what will I see? I just was hoping to have some idea so when I do get to that one I know to just skip it. 

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I was hoping that wouldn't be the case. I'll have no idea if the solder was bad or if it was the parity drive :(

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When you get a drive that won't mount, set it aside (With a post-it note on it) and go onto the next one.  If you don't get a second drive that fails to mount, you have the parity drive.  If you get more than one drive, that is the time to rethink the issue.

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