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Can't Connect to //Tower

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I successfully created the flash drive and got to the Tower login prompt, but I am unable to connect to the server via //Tower or using the IP address. I've tried connecting to the server via wired and wireless connections, and I've tried using different stable versions of unraid. My build is very similar to the one Linus used in his video.



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I assume you have a keyboard and Monitor attached?    If so have you tried selecting the GUI mode from the Unraid boot menu to see if you can get the GUI up locally?   Your description suggests that something may be going wrong during the boot which is stopping the network initialising correctly.


if you can login at the console prompt try running the ‘df’ command and posting the output here.   That would at least allow us to confirm that the USB stick is being handled correctly at the later stages of the boot process.   There should be an entry showing that the USB stick is mounted at /boot.   If for any reason it is not getting mounted correctly it can produce the symptoms you describe.   

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7 hours ago, itimpi said:

There should be an entry showing that the USB stick is mounted at /boot.

Diagnostics (system/df.txt) appears to show /boot mounted.


Is your PC on the same subnet? Are you sure you are entering it correctly in your web browser?

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