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UNRAID data migration task

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I am planning to use unraid for the first time and have a scenario where i need to migrate my current data off my drives and onto the new drives i purchased.


I want to have as minimal downtime as possible thus have come up with this plan, let me know if it will work..


I want to take my new drives and install them in a spare computer I have and use my unraid flash drive to setup a pool then transfer the data over the network from my server to the other computer that temporarily will host the unraid pool.


Once data is synced over, take the unraid flash drive and the disks from the computer and place them into the desired server then bootup unraid. Will this approach work or does unraid ty itself in any way to the sata ports/motherboard/cpu configuration?


If this will work, then it'll make my life way easier due to reducing the downtime and giving me more time to properly configure my vm's along with sync data to the pool.

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4 hours ago, phi0x said:

does unraid ty itself in any way to the sata ports/motherboard/cpu configuration?

No. Many of us have changed hardware. Put the disks in another computer, put the flash in and boot. It will usually just pick up where it was. Unraid will look for the disks as assigned by serial number and you should be going again.


The only problems are likely to come from the odd disk controller that doesn't pass the actual disk serial number to Unraid but instead gives the disks some other identifier. If you stay away from RAID cards you should be good on that score.


The other thing that might not transfer exactly is any VMs that use any of the hardware directly (passthrough). 

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