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[Solved} Randomly losing ethernet connectivity on Win 10 VM running Blue Iris

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I'm not sure if this is a Blue Iris, a Win 10 or Unraid issue, or some combination of the 3, but the same problem occurred on a previous install on another dedicated Win 10 VM, also running BI which I couldn't get to the bottom of then and now the same problem has returned to the new install too. Furthermore, I run other Win 10 VMs on the same server with no issues. This VM is fully patched, runs only BI, antivirus and backup software.

The VM uses the e1000-82545em driver, the same used on my other machines. The VM has access to 8 logical CPUs and 6 GB RAM.

Loss of connectivity seems random and not necessarily tied to to any excessive throughput from my CCTV cameras. It can happen at any time.

When I lose connectivity, the only thing I can do to get it back is to either restart the VM or reset the ethernet adapter, which is the fix that the Windows trouble shooter does when run.

I've got access to the Network Diagnostic Log, but not sure what to look for to find a more permanent fix. Any suggestions greatly received.

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I'm still not sure what is causing this problem, so I've decided to pass through a hardware NIC to the VM. This has been up for a day now without issue, only time will tell if this works.

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