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Massive Parity Errors

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Ver. 6.3.3 parity 4TB, Cache 1TB, data 2 - 4TB & 4 - 2TB and 16GB RAM.

Motherboard: MSI - 880GMA-E45 (MS-7623)

Processor: AMD Sempron™ 145 @ 2.8 GHz


I have been getting a massive number of parity errors. I stopped the check after 16k  errors and less than 20% complete. Recently I reset the parity disk and ran parity. Every thing worked fine. About 5 days later the monthly parity check started with the massive error rate.  This is the same problem I was experiencing causing me to reset the parity disk.  I have been moving around a fair amount of data but don't think I have filled the cache drive at any time. I check it and if there looks like there is a fair amount I will start the mover.


I do not have a UPS and that may be a contributing problem.  The power from Duke Energy can have some brief failures (seconds to minutes). 


I am looking for a means to check the parity drive to see if there is a hardware problem.  If not, then I need to do some more upgrades. I need to add 4 more 4TB drives to protect my data then the motherboard, CPU etc. 


Next question is with this system can I upgrade UnRaid software. I am not running any dockers and do have a few plugins running.


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You need to post up a Diagnostic File---    Tools   >>>   Diagnostics    ---in your next post.  I would also run a short SMART test on that Parity disk.  


IF you are willing to do all that upgrading (which will not be that inexpensive), why haven't you bought a UPS.  In my opinion, no server should be without one.  You don't need to spend a lot of money if you start the shutdown after the power has been out for (say) thirty seconds.  (In most of the USA, if the power is out that long, it will be longer than any home-type UPS can bridge the time to restorage.)   

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UPS really importance if power alway interrupt !! Otherwise monthly parity check really not much meaning.

Mainboad and some disks quite age, as say, never mix use old battery with new one.


According diagnostic, major problem found

- Said 16G RAM, but seems 4GB show

- Disk SMART good, but have issue need to aware

- no space error, if it is false alarm then it sound like filesystem got corrupt ( or share to disk allocation setting problem )

  • May  1 02:11:23 Tower shfs/user0: err: shfs_create: assign_disk: P/JAZZ/Matsui, Keiko/Live in Tokyo/07. Soul Quest.flac (28) No space left on device
  • May  1 02:11:24 Tower root: rsync: open "/mnt/user0/P/JAZZ/Matsui, Keiko/Live in Tokyo/07. Soul Quest.flac" failed: No space left on device (28)


8 hours ago, tunetyme said:

This is the same problem I was experiencing causing me to reset the parity disk.

It may better then do nothing, but just rebuild disk won't solve the hidden problem, your data may be corrupt too.

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As far as the disk drive firmware goes this was identified when I first bought them. The issue was with the first drives produced but not the later updated models. The error message keeps popping up because it does not distinguish between firmware versions.


My error on the RAM. I have 16 GB in my PC not my server. The server only has 4GB.


I haven't found any corrupt files as I have been actively engage in updating and doing cleanup of the database. I rarely leave the server running because the fans are so loud. I can't regulate the fan speed with this version.  Yes, some of my drives are old but other than occasional additions, and playing a file from time to time the server has been shutdown or idle.  I am doing this until I can upgrade but I wanted to see if there is a diagnostic that I can run on the parity drive.


Without valid parity, I will have to rely on my external backups. Meanwhile, I will be shopping for a UPS.

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