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Dual ATX PSU - Test Results

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Hi guys, 


I recently acquired a replacement case which supports dual ATX power supplies. I'm currently at 14 drives and a few months ago my original single 12V rail 550 just wasn't holding up every boot anymore. I swapped it out with a spare 750 I have and it's been OK but the new case got me thinking. I'm at a place in terms of drive count where it's hard to avoid using power adapters in one form or another.


I was curious about how much difference (in terms of power draw from the wall outlet) would make, so I ran some tests before my case transplant which is currently underway, to determine if it may be worthwhile. The difference is surprisingly negligible and would give me the benefit of ditching a number of molex-sata adapters I currently have in use. I didn't think it would be worth the extra power, but I think I may actually go down this road after all. 


Since I'm certain someone will ask, you can power them on together using one of these


The wall outlet power draw was measured using a TP-Link HS110 Smart Wi-Fi Plug


I'll be posting the actual build log (case transplant + upgrades) shortly with photos of the new case but I'm still waiting on some parts and it's not finished yet... so stay tuned if you are curious :)


Results are below! 



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