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  1. Yes, within the app on the xbox. Sorry I do not have an xbox, so was a guess to fix. Using the old player fixed my Nvidia Shield.
  2. On your XBox, Go to settings/advanced/player is there a setting for Use Old Video Player?
  3. There were a lot of problems with the new Plex player, I have problems on my Nvidia Shield with the new player. Changed to the old player on the Nvidia Shield and have had no issues since. Maybe it works for you also. My playback would stop every 20mins.
  4. Nice setup, Congrats. CPU temp is high at 73'c, what cooler do you have? You also should replace the SUPERMICRO AOC-SASLP-MV8 PCI-Ex4, LSI are more reliable for UnRaid.
  5. So I changed the network cable, port on the 8 port network switch. Changed the network switch still the same speed. Tomorrow will try a pci-e network card and see what changes
  6. Both Tower 2 and 3 are exactly the same motherboard, cpu. Ram is 32Gb Tower3, 16Gb in Tower2
  7. Yeah, Just tested my Tower2. something definately wrong.
  8. Oh yeah, I am learning some stuff today. Here you go.
  9. Thanks Johnnie, I tried to run iperf but following SpaceInvaderOne video I could not install. I really am not a linux command person, sorry. Will try to get a speed for you. Searching now for info All 3x of my Towers sit on the same UPS, and same network switch, right next to each other. is weird. Much appreciated
  10. Hi Everyone, I all of a sudden had a file transfer speed drop from 112Mb/s and now is down to 10Mb/s with no changes to my system. No power issues as is on a UPS, with no log errors. My other 2x Towers are running at full speed transfers with no slow downs on the same UPS.. Am running 6.7.2. Diagnostic was taken when a file was transfered to disk 11. Transfer to any disk is exactly the same speed reduction. I have powered down the Tower3, unplugged, reset the entire network switches and modem. Attached a diagnostic file. Appreciate any help or advice. tower3-diagnostics-20200325-1443.zip
  11. Awesome itimpi. Did as you suggested, selected Only for now, I can always change If I change my mind. I think I confused myself. I was reading many threads and had Prefer on my Tower3 which is running 6.7.2, which I installed the SSD 2 months ago. Why I set Yes for Tower1 I do not know. Impatience in wanting to get Boinc up and running possibly. Your explaination is very logical. The text explaination is very clear also, now that I re-read it. Appreciate your patience and advice. Cheers
  12. Thanks itimpi, Yes I do have Use Cache to YES. I do not use the Mover function, SSD is just for the Boinc Docker. Which setting would be best for my situation, Prefer or Only? Much appreciated.
  13. Hi Everyone, I have just started using Boinc Docker on my 3x UnRaid Towers with great success. I added a SSD to my Tower1 yesterday, moved the Boinc Docker to the SSD. All ran perfect for the day, This morning I found computational errors for all tasks. Saw that the Mover started at 3.40am. Now I set the Mover to Monthy. Is there a way to stop the Mover? or setting so it does effect Boinc? Much appreciated Steve tower1-diagnostics-20191126-0733.zip
  14. No, there is not. Worth every cent for my 3x Towers. 😎