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need to replace drive: RFS vs XFS

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I have a 12 hot-swappable drive slot chassis. Slot 1 is The parity drive. slots 2-11 are the data drives 1-10. Slot 12 is normally empty but right now it is running a preclear so I can replace drive 5 which is reporting errors.  The OS version is 6.6.7.  Last night I upgraded the parity drive to 6TB.  That ran fine.


I would like to begin the process of converting the array to XFS,  Currently, 2 of the 10 data drives are XFS the other 8 being RFS. I have a new 4 TB drive which is being precleared. Should I first copy the bad drive to the new drive and then ???? (I am not sure what t do to get the new 4TB drive with the data on it into the array replacing the failing 2TB drive), or just replace the failing 2TB drive with the cleared 4TB drive, let the rebuild occur, and worry about the RFS to XFS conversion later.

Any and all advice appreciated.

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If you have a drive that is truly failed you want to put as little stress on it as possible.     I would suggest that you use the 4TB drive to replace the bad 2TB one and let Unraid rebuild its contents.    Keep the 2TB around just in case the rebuild does not go according to plan and you need to see what you can get off the 2TB drive (if anything).


Once you have your array back in a good ‘protected’ state is the time to continue with the conversion process.

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It has not yet "Truly failed", however, I am getting notifications of problems with the drive.  I can actually read the drive with no problems at this time, and there is no writing being done to it. It is the only drive reporting problems.

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