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HP Proliant DL180 G6 P410i vs H220

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I have been using Unraid for a few years on multiple used old systems.  I wanted to be able to scale to more HD slots and more vm's on the server.  So I jumped to a HP Proliant DL180 G6 from a old duel core processor with on 4GB of RAM.  Was a large learning curve but with help in reading forums like here and on other sites I have finally got it running.  I run Plex in a Docker and noticed it runs slower then when it was on older be it on desktop computers.  Is there a performance difference between the P410i having to run drives in raid 0  and the H220 raid card witch I read will just pass the hard drives strait to Unraid.  I know Plex runs a lot of data across the drives so wondering if thats my bottle neck I got 24 threads now instead of 2 witch is what unraid was running on before so I know the duel xeons are the the slow down.

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No real performance difference but the p410i can be unreliable in different versions of unraid. Running an hba like the 220 is better, more so for data recovery later if you run into issues.


without knowing your setup, if you have plex running from a parity protected array it’s going to drag

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9 hours ago, 1812 said:

if you have plex running from a parity protected array it’s going to drag

Just to elaborate on this. Obviously your plex media will be on the array. What will give performance problems is if you have your applications installed and running on the parity array. Typically, people will install cache and have their docker image and appdata on cache so their applications aren't impacted by the slower parity writes, and so their applications won't keep parity and array disks spinning.

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