br0 vs virbr0 - help plz

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I posted about this quite some time ago but didn't get a reply.


Using br0, I can access 20% of websites.

Using virbr0, I can access 100% of websites.


For example, using br0, I cannot visit, etc

But I can visit and anything google related. 


Using virbr0, I can access every website I can imagine. 


Every other device in the house works fine. Just the VM running br0 does not.

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route -n							
Kernel IP routing table							
Destination	Gateway 	Genmask 	Flags 	Metric 	Ref 	 Use 	Iface 	UG 	0	0	0	br0 	U	0	0	0	br0 	U	0	0	0	docker0 	U	0	0	0	virbr0


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  • 1 year later...

Were you able to solve this issue? The exact same thing is happening with my Windows 10 VM.


On br0 the VM says it is connected to the internet, I can ping my LAN and all websites, but I cannot navigate any website in Edge nor Internet Explorer. I'm confounded.

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