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VM won't boot - UFEI Issue?

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Hi there guys, 

Wondering if someone can help me, got a Windows 10 VM that is refusing to boot. I have recently moved the VM disk from one unassigned device (old 1TB spinner) to a new one (500GB SSD), using the Dolphin app to copy across the file. Then I've changed the location of the machines disk to point to the new vdisk location. 

Tried to boot up and get the attached boot screen image which has the statement "Press ESC in x seconds to skip startup.nsh or any other key to continue". 

Can get into the bios menu but there appears to be no disk located in there and still doesn't boot when I exit the BIOS. Tried to re-point the VM back to the original disk location and get the same error. Wondering what I can do to get it to work, any idea's?



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On 7/3/2019 at 2:05 PM, testdasi said:

How do you mount the new drive? What is your VM xml?



New drive is also through unassigned devices. 

This is my VM XMLserenityxml.txt

TBH I also seem to have an issue with the disks showing up as 246G when it was assigned as 400G previously. Trying to change it I get the sucessful message displayed at the bottom but the value always reverts to 246G. 

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The last three weeks I stuggled with unraid. I tested every setting that is important for me and there was several times that boot/bios screen. There are so many problems with unraid but there isn‘t really an alternative I think. So if I change something randomly in the vm setting it destroy the working vm setting/conf because it changes the bus='0x00' or slot='0x00' id and I think that it will change the boot priority or something. After I reorgenized it, ether one pci devices wasn't working but after that was fixed it worked fine. But in the past days I figured out that I only have to add a new vm and furthermore the existing vdisk.img to it and you must have the same maschine and bios! And for me it works.

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So further update on playing around with this, 

I did end up installing another windows 10 VM, works fine, until you unassign the disk in the configuration and then reassign it. DIdn't even move the Vdisk location. Anyone got any idea's?

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On 7/11/2019 at 10:13 AM, testdasi said:

Above the </os> tag, add this line:

<boot dev='hd'/>


Hey thanks, I never got to try this because I had installed another VM, but if I move them disk again (more than likely) will try this.

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