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  1. That's not duplicated file. Linux is a case-sensitive system, unlike Windows. So File1 and file1 are 2 different files.
  2. Your problem was diagnosed in your previous topic as a kernel problem. You also mentioned in the previous topic that 6.5.3 worked. Given you repeatedly say it's a prod server which you need stability then why not just downgrade to 6.5.3? When it's a kernel problem, screaming loudly won't do anything. Been there, done that, did not help. Btw, diagnostics already attached to a previous topic (or sent to LT) does not mean you shouldn't attach a fresh new set of diagnostics. You really expect people to go back to your previous topic(s), dig through the rambling to find your old diagnostics? It's a forum FFS, it's not paid support. So I'm nice and I went through this topic + TWO previous topics raised by you (Oct 2018, Feb 2019, this one) and still have NOT found any diagnostics.
  3. When I last pulled my SSD from my (old) BTRFS RAID1 cache, I had repeated errors in syslog (can't remember the details, it was only for a few hours so I thought "meh, don't care" and the errors went away with the pulled SSD replaced). Maybe my RAID1 didn't work properly and I didn't realise. 😅
  4. Check out DZMM's guide below so you can set up your rclone script properly. Also, you want to check as to why your Rclone is losing the mount and try to resolve the root cause. I have not had that happening so far (based on my log) but even if it were to happen, it would remount within 30 minutes (I changed the frequency from the guide's 15 minutes). Restarting solves your problem but that's calling in a nuke to kill a fly.
  5. Let me flip the question back: why do you need rsync? There are simpler apps out there to keep 2 folders in sync without needing endless loops (i.e. only run upon changes) e.g. Syncthing, Resilio Sync, etc. Sounds to me like you picked a tool beyond your skill level to solve a problem it may not be the the most suitable tool for.
  6. 1. Given it's a budget SSD brand, it could be many things. Disk does not support SMART Disk does not support TRIM Disk is actually failing etc. Anyway, Tools -> Diagnostics -> attach in form post. 2. It depends on what you meant by "set the new drive as the primary and my old as the backup". If it's BTRFS RAID1 then you should be fine (other than Unraid screaming errors at you while you wait for the RMA) 3. I would recommend NOT to use budget brand SSD. 4. With regards to the other SSD, how hot is hot? How frequently it gets hot?
  7. (Unless LT changes their mind), it's lifetime. It has always been lifetime as far as I know.
  8. +1 Better support for Q35 PCIe devices is enough for me to drool.
  9. Minor updates: Bought the Asus Hyper M.2 (4xM.2 -> PCIe x16) to mount the PM983 away from the GPU and open up future expandability. It now idles at under 40 degrees (5 below previous best), reaching around 46 during heavy gaming sessions (10 below previous best). The SM951 (AHCI) refuses to die despite my intentional "running it to the ground" effort. Switching to the Hyper M.2 requires rejigging the config anyway so I decided to switch to the SM951 as my workstation VM boot drive (again!). Along the way, I'm reminded of how compatible the AHCI PCIe M.2 standard is - it shows up to the VM as a SATA drive so it boots natively (unlike NVMe, for example which requires a few hoops). I now have a very #FirstWorldProblem of having 1x 2280 and 3x 22110 slots that I want to fill with M.2. drives. I found my old Kingston SSDNow+ 128GB collecting dust (it was back when SATA III didn't exist) so decided to use that as my temp space for things waiting for the next gdrive batch. It becomes a half-intentional protection against crypto virus because of how unionfs works. If I were infected, it would take less than 30 minutes for the drive to fill up and error out (giving me a quick clue) while protecting my actual content.
  10. It is. I have stopped using Crashplan and switches to using Google. The only caveat is there's a hard limit of 400k files per tdrive (soft limit of about 200k, beyond whiach performance is a biatch). If you think a portion of your backup can go above 100k then split it out to its own tdrive.
  11. I suggest you look at DZMM's topic on how to set up rclone properly. Using /mnt/disks is inviting trouble.
  12. Tools -> Diagnostics -> attach zip file -> wait and don't do anything till someone respond (usually jonnie) Note: you have a disk that dropped offline -> there's a problem -> block out the errors = ostrich
  13. The main purpose of the server would be NAS, in my current server I use 2 x 8 TB hard drives in a mirrored mode. I also have a thumb drive as the boot device. - Make sure you double check that your thumb drive has non-zero GUID (just boot a trial copy of Unraid, it should be obvious). A long time ago, I forgot to check this and had to wait a few days for a replacement USB stick that has GUID. It wouldn't be anything crippling (just a new USB stick), just troublesome to request trial extension and stuff like that. Would it possible to host a website (Wordpress self host for example) and also host a Telegram bot at the same time? - Yes. 2 main options are docker and VM. Docker depends on what is available in Community Applications ("CA") - if it's not on CA, you might need a tiny bit of coding skill to adapt a docker from dockerhub to work with Unraid. VM, especially in your case which sounds like you don't need PCIe passthrough, is pretty straight-forward but can be hardware dependent. What kind of hardware would that require? - "It depends" is the answer. What are you running FreeNAS on? Is it possible for the bot and website to use media and files from the NAS portion? - Yes, why not?
  14. dm-cache was a feature request some years ago
  15. testdasi

    witch Psu

    Go to pcpartpicker, enter your config (or as close as you can possibly get) and see the power estimate. Then add 20% just to be safe. I'm with trurl btw. 24x4TB sounds like unnecessary troubles.
  16. No way to know without someone actually owning the board. Even different BIOS versions can result in different IOMMU groups.
  17. I use RDP / NoMachine / VNC and my Surface 3 as thin client but connecting via Wifi but I would imagine that would work even better over wired. No experience with zero client.
  18. Answers in order: Use the GUI Use CA User Script plugin Bash script
  19. Sell those 10k rpm HDD while you still can and switch to SSD.
  20. You should leave thread 0 always free for Unraid purposes. The HT sister of thread 0 can be used to pin the emulator. So your 2 VM's, 1 will have 2 physical cores and 1 will have 3.
  21. Can you do it with root user? 😱
  22. Please attach your diagnostics directly on the forum. Nevertheless, that VM is the reason. You have 8GB RAM and the VM eats up 3GB (37.5%), leaving very little left for anything else to use.
  23. Above the </os> tag, add this line: <boot dev='hd'/>
  24. Put 1st 8TB (let's call it Disk A) in the external enclosure. Connect and mount as Unassigned Device Cp disk 1 to the mounted unassigned Replace disk 1 with another 8TB (call it Disk B) in the array Cp disk 2 and disk 3 to the new Disk 1 i.e. Disk B Remove disk 2 and disk 3 and replace with Disk A and the remaining 8TB (call Disk C) Have a beer