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Sanity check please - security


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I think I have this correct in my head, but a 'yes you are correct / no you are mad' answer from someone would be appreciated.


My intention is to use my unRaid box in a 'shared' environment where work colleagues are on the same 192.168.x.y subnet. With the the free/basic unRaid there can be no real authentication, and everyone will have read/ write access to everything on the box, once they know / guess the IP (or browse and see the server) (correct?)


If I move up to either of the paid models, I will be able to assign, via the unRaid webGUI, a user name and password to each share (by means of creating users?) so that only those people that I give the username and password to will be able to connect. I can create multiple shares with differing credentials, in order that I can share 'office documents' but leave private 'last summers holiday' (correct?)


I'm fairly sure I have this right, but want to be sure before I go down a blind alley!


Thanks in advance.

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I'm using the Plus version.  I haven't tested it extensively, but yes, that is correct.


I have user names and passwords for each person in my family, along with a few generic names ("family" "mediacenter" etc).  Each family member has their own share; read-write to them (and me) but no access to other users.  Additional shares for media, photos, etc.  I've tested with media center (read-only access to 'media' share) and my own user account; just briefly with other user accounts.  Seems to be working correctly - enough to say "go ahead" with your setup.


Each share can allow access to specific users or allow all users access.  Share can be read-only, read-write, and visible or hidden.  Additional users can have the opposite access - e.g., my family has read-only access to 'media' but I have read-write access.


I think it would be unwieldy with many users and shares (perhaps 25-30 or more) - in that case you'd probably want the Pro version which supports Active Directory.


Btw, I suggest spending the extra $30 for a second key - I didn't and now wish I had.


- Al Weiner -


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