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Replacing 2 disks

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Hi all,


My unraid has 4 data disks and 1 parity disk. After a power surge I lost the parity and 1 data disk at the same time. Now I have made my peace with what was on the data disk. 


My question is can i replace the parity and the data disk without losing what is on the other 3 data disks? How do I go about doing that?


Appreciate the help here!

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My condolences. Pretty sure it would be shutdown system; remove the two failed disks; put in two new ones; double check for no loose connections; power on system and assign the new drives one into parity and the other in replaced data drive.  So long as you don't go into settings and click on new configuration, the rest of your data should remain intact. 


EDIT: And remember to make the parity disk the same capacity as before, or larger, because that's what dictates the largest capacity of data drive in your drive array.

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You should try reboot first.


If 2 disk still in disable, then perform new config with *RETAIN ALL*, then start array and *MARK PARITY VALID*.


If array resume normal, then check any abnormal or lost in data disk. If everything fine, you may consider perform parity check with correction.


Don't perform any fomat disk operation.

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