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Super slow Linux VMs

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Hello Everyone,


I have created an Ubuntu VM on my unraid but its super slow. I have everything pinned to core0 and my VM is pinned to core 1-3. I got it to install after having to reboot the VM like 4 times since it would get stuck each time. Once it was installed I was able to install anydesk on it and it worked faster than VNC. The problem is that opening anything makes my 3 cores go to 90%+ and it will stay there. The program (most times just firefox) wouldnt even finish opening and I would have to restart the VM. I uninstalled Ubuntu thinking it was the OS thats the problem and when I tried Linux Mint im getting sort of the same thing. The installation had no problems. I couldnt get anydesk running on it but thats fine. When I open firefox it pins my cores to 70%+ and firefox hasnt even loaded the home page in 20 minutes. I have 5GB of ram assigned to it.


Does anyone know what the problem could be?


M/B: ASRock B450 Pro4

BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. Version P3.10. Dated: 03/07/2019

CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics @ 3500 MHz

HVM: Enabled

IOMMU: Enabled

Memory: 16 GiB DDR4

Kernel: Linux 4.19.56-Unraid x86_64

OpenSSL: 1.1.1c




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Diagnostics would also help

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I think I figured it out after 2 hours more of tinkering. The initial ram was set to 1GB and the max to 5GB. I’m guessing I was running on 1GB this whole time. Once I set both to 10GB it started to work better. Doesn’t feel like a 3 core 10GB ram computer yet though. My 10 year old apple with 2 cores 4GB runs better.


Now I’m trying to run a game on it to see what it can do.


I will post again if it’s still sluggish with the diagnostics.



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