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  1. Hello Everyone, Monterey beta 4 came out today. Anyone know if it has 6700 xt drivers? Thanks.
  2. I know I know I have to be patient. It’s just that my Mac Pro died and I’m Macless right now. Will keep my hopes up and checking the betas. Thanks
  3. Hello ghost, Considering that there’s still no 6700 xt driver is it possible to fool the os and make it think it’s a different gpu, one that is supported? If this is possible please share the method and also it it can harm my gpu. Thanks.
  4. Hello Everyone, Has anyone heard anything about AMD 6700 XT support? Thanks.
  5. Hello Ghost, Ok it downloaded and installed with no problems but still no dice. I guess I will have to wait more to see if it will be supported. I do want to mention that yesterday when I was still on Catalina there was once that it booted on the Displayport. This was once out of like 5 Catalinas I created but I deleted it since it got stuck after I changed it back to VNC. Was this just a fluke or is there something there? Edit: Also want to mention that when I turn off the VM I still see the apple logo and progress bar on the screen. Thanks.
  6. Ok its downloading and installing. I will have to leave it here for today since its 2am. Tomorrow I will keep going after work and report back. Thanks for the help!
  7. Hello, How can I download the beta 2 to try?
  8. Hello, Im having issues with the VM loading. I have done the following steps one by one and rebooting between each one to see what is causing my booting issue. Downloaded and installed Catalina - Booted Fine. Changed cores from 2 to 3 (changed "no" to "yes" on the help script) - Booted Fine. Change ram from 4 to 10 - Booted Fine. Added a USB mouse - Booted Fine. Added a USB keyboard - Booted Fine. Added a USB headset - Booted Fine. Upgraded to Big Sur - Booted Fine. This is where the problems starts. Added GPU pass-through.
  9. I don’t think she used file vault. except for that does anyone see any other issues or something I should consider?
  10. Hello, My girlfriends Mac laptop gave out but I got her NVME drive which is fine. My motherboard has a NVME port on it. My question is, can I connect the drive and will it appear as an unassigned drive so I can recover her information? Is it that simple? Haha. Thanks.
  11. Hello Everyone, Any other idea? Anything could help. Maybe a way to create a new disk with another size? Is this possible? Thanks.
  12. Hello bastl, I don’t remember encrypting the drive during install but how can I check? Thanks.
  13. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to shrink a Linux vdisk but im getting a corrupted vdisk at the end. I have followed Spaceinvader Ones video except that I used GParted for the first part. I restored from my backup and currently have a vdisk with 70gb of unallocated space created using GParted again but in the VM GUI I still see 100gb of 100gb. The VM is actually only using 17gb and its partition is of 30gb. I checked "Disks" while in the VM and the unallocated partition is there. At this point if I use the terminal command Spaceinvader One mentions in his video I get the corrupted vdisk