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  1. I don’t think she used file vault. except for that does anyone see any other issues or something I should consider?
  2. Hello, My girlfriends Mac laptop gave out but I got her NVME drive which is fine. My motherboard has a NVME port on it. My question is, can I connect the drive and will it appear as an unassigned drive so I can recover her information? Is it that simple? Haha. Thanks.
  3. Hello Everyone, Any other idea? Anything could help. Maybe a way to create a new disk with another size? Is this possible? Thanks.
  4. Hello bastl, I don’t remember encrypting the drive during install but how can I check? Thanks.
  5. Hello Everyone, I'm trying to shrink a Linux vdisk but im getting a corrupted vdisk at the end. I have followed Spaceinvader Ones video except that I used GParted for the first part. I restored from my backup and currently have a vdisk with 70gb of unallocated space created using GParted again but in the VM GUI I still see 100gb of 100gb. The VM is actually only using 17gb and its partition is of 30gb. I checked "Disks" while in the VM and the unallocated partition is there. At this point if I use the terminal command Spaceinvader One mentions in his video I get the corrupted vdisk
  6. Hello Everyone, Im cleaning up my vdisks and I want to shrink a linux vdisk I have of 100GB. I want to make it 30GB since im only using 15GB right now and I want to pass it to the cache drive. I have heard I can use GParted to do this but im not sure how to go about doing it. Does someone have a guide for shrinking on a linux system? I have only found for windows. I also read I have to boot GParted on a live USB but im unsure how to do that on a VM. Thanks.
  7. Hello Carbongrip, Thanks for the information.
  8. Hello Mex, I have been looking for an icon for some time now. I don't exactly want it to show the case outline but more towards the servers name. My server is call Missile Silo. Wondering if you could sketch something up that looked like an opened missile silo hatch and a missile half way out. Im not sure what art style would look better but something that's not a colored icon would work. Maybe the same style you are using for the cases? Thanks.
  9. Hello Carbongrip, In that case is there an AMD equivalent?
  10. Hello Carbongrip, But what if I want to use it for normal things like look things up or use excel, word, etc. Moonlight doesnt work for that.
  11. Hello Everyone, Im thinking of using a VM as a daily driver but I have a question. Is it best to view the VM through a VNC or to pass-though not only a GPU but also a keyboard, mouse, usb for peripherals, ect and just connect a display straight to the gpu on the server? The reason I ask this is because im using splashtop as my VNC but I notice that its not very smooth when there's a lot moving on the screen (videos, games, ect). Also I haven't found a VNC that supports multi monitor for free. I would like to know what you guys do or recommend. Th
  12. Hello, I have followed video 1 to create a windows VM but im having an issue with the sound. I added <sound model='ich9'> </sound> to the xml but after doing that I cant use spashtop. I connected using unraids vnc and I can see the vm is working but splashtop cant connect. Once I deleted the sound in the xml splashtop could connect again. To make sure I added it in again and it couldnt connect, took it out and splashtop connect. Has anyone run into this problem? Is there another way to add sound? Thanks.
  13. Hello Everyone, I got it to work. Sorry about this thread. If a mod sees it you may delete this thread.