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Adding a NVIDIA GPU as my Primary GPU for VM

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I am trying to add a Nvidia GPU to my VM as the Primary GPU, 

I have create the Vm, using the default VNC and no Sound, but now I am trying to add the sound and GPU.


I have checked my IOMMU, and discovered that I need to set change the PCIE witin the VM so I did the following


in the Vm Manager I change the PCIe ACS Overide to Both



resulting with this within my  IOMMU



then I added the GPU Nividia Geforce GTX card, to my VM and booted, but when I go to start the console I see that this option is gone, and when I try to search the the Vm on the domain I discovered that it is not showen.




I get no errors message, when the VM boots up, 

what I am I missing

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If you only use a dedicated GPU there is no option for a "console". You have to plug in a display to the GPU to see the output.

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In most cases you need a physical device pluged into the GPU. There are dummy HDMI sticks available to emulate a connected display. In some circumstances without a device connected the GPU wont initialize correctly and you can't use it in the VM. If the card works inside the VM you have different options to connect to the VM remotely such like RDP, VNC or Teamviewer. But for gaming for example, don't expect smooth frame rates like on a usual monitor if you connect remotely.

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Posted (edited)

Cant you click the plus to add an additional GPU and enable VNC as a secondary GPU on the VM?

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