sd 1:0:x:0: Power-on or device reset occurred


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I noticed today that my array went into degraded mode.  I dug into the diagnostics info (attached), to find a lot of sd 1:0:x:0: Power-on or device reset occurred messages as well as disk0 read errors and disk3 read/write errors.  Most of the device reset messages are for sd 1:0:1:0 and the rest are for sd 1:0:2:0. 


I have taken the array offline.  


A short smart test on disk0 and disk3 shows a pass but I see the UDMA CRC error count is > 0 for both of these drives (and not the others).  


All of the drives and the controller are new (~1 month old).  My initial guess (hope?) is there is a cable issue but I was wondering if there is anything else I can do *before I power off the machine* and lose state info.  If not, I'm hoping to find the same cable hooking to the two drives in question and I can just replace it and it will work fine. 


But I've never had a failure in my UnRAID array so I want to make sure I'm covering all my bases.




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Thanks guys,  I did a long smart test on both drives overnight and they both passed.  I moved my cache drive (on a pcie card) as far away from the drive controller card as possible and put a small extra fan on that area.  Finally it looks like the two drives in question were on the same miniSAS cable, so I replaced that.  further, I moved one of those two drives onto the other "side" of the drive controller so they do not share a cable anymore (even though it would be the new cable).


I'm doing a rebuild now.  Fingers crossed!


Luckily, I have backups of the important stuff... and my old unraid setup with old drives which I just replaced ~1 month ago.

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Actually, it turns out it may just be that "half" of the drive controller.  after I started the rebuild, drive 2 started getting crc errors.  I moved drive 2 to the new cable when I moved drive 3 off.  So I canceled the rebuild and moved all the drives to the apparently working half of the controller.  No problems yet with the 2nd try at rebuilding and it's over 50% already.  I guess I need to by another new drive controller

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