2 unraid servers, automatic file transfer?

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Hi All,


forgive me me if this has been posted before. I’ve parsed over the forums extensively and couldn’t find an answer (and would appreciate a link if there is an answer/guide to my question). 


I have enough parts to build a second 8tb  unraid server with parity and cache drive support from a PC given to me (literally will only need a GUID USB drive). My main server runs all of my programs with Plex, nzb, sonar, radar, makemkv and handbrake. The problem I’m experiencing is processor load. I definitely notice a suboptimal experience when I’m using handbrake and makemkv when watching on Plex. I’ve gone ahead and optimized my cpu core pinning. I have been thinking about buying a new mobo and processor to help me overcome this deficit. 


but with this new pc given to me, I’m wondering if I can build a second unraid box that will focus on doing some of the above tasks (mainly handbrake and makemkv) leaving my more powerful main server to do more of my entertainment things. This new server would be my secondary server. I would want this server to be accessible from the web and be subject to all of the usual controls I put on it. I would want it to know that’s it’s not my main server on my network in terms of any settings I would need to setup. I would like to set it up so that it takes files such as movies from handbrake and then automatically move said files onto my main server when it’s completed automatically.  I was seeing that rsync could accomplish this goal but is there a program that’s similar to mover but to move between unraid servers? I remember seeing a space invader one video where he talks about mounting shares from other unraid servers but I can’t find it. Would anyone be able to guide me in this regard?


Thank You!

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