Unraid 4.4.2 or 5

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I'm having issues trying to get Unraid 6 to install onto my LGA775 system. (C2D, 2GB RAM, 40GB Intel SSD, EVGA 780i [Nvidia chipset])


Yes, I know the system is ancient, but it's for trial purposes only before fully investing in new hardware.


Unraid 4.4.2, from what I gather on the forums here, seems to be compatible. Private link to v4.4.2 and v5 for my trials would be greatly appreciated.

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How's it not working?


TBH, the difference between v5 (and v4 ugh) is completely night and day.  If you only want to trial it as a pure NAS then sure v4/5 will be fine, but on either of those versions, you won't get any support (I can barely remember v5).  v6 is what has all the bells and whistles that everyone actually uses.

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30 minutes ago, SLNetworks said:

The BIOS is old school - I tried setting it to 'removable' as first boot device. No go.

Most flash drives (and the BIOS's I've used -> new to very old) are detected as a hard drive.  Set the hard drive as first boot and under BBS priorities hopefully you see the flash there

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