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PWM Fan Help

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Hey all, sorry I just do not know anything about pwm fans so have to ask some pretty basic questions as I've got hot running drives. Or had, they might be more stable now.


My motherboard is a Asus H81I-PLUS, I have upgraded the fans to pwm fans and installed the dynamix temp and fan control plugins. They seem to be working. I have an airflow field on my dashboard now, one running at 1521RPM, the other at 1236RPM. I then have a cpu fan, but that's not registering anywhere.


Processors temperature (pentium G3420) is at 45C.

My drives (4 spinners, 1 SSD) are running at an average of 37C, SSD at 26C.

I think previously my fans just weren't working, so those drives would hit 60C easily under load.


So I just want to double check I have everything setup correctly.

Under Fan Auto Control - PWM controller, I have selected nct6779-pwm1, but there's also pwm2, 4 and 5.

The fan it's found is '/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon2/fan1_input' but why only one fan?


Under the temp plugin, the available drivers are 'coretemp nct6775'.

Processor temp = coretemp - CPU Temp - 44C

Mainboard temp = acpitz - MB Temp - 27.8C

Array fan speed = nct6799 - Array Fan - 1508 RPM


Because these have different options and I'm slightly confused why it's only dealing with one fan, I'm here asking for guidance. Is what I've done correct? Could I change things to make it better?

The case is quite small, a Lian-Li q25B m-itx case.


Additional info:

MB   = Asus H81M-PLUS

CPU = Intel Pentium G3420

PSU = SilverStone SST-ST30SF

Fan1 = Gelid Solutions Silent 14 PWM

Fan2 = Gelid FN-PX12-15 Silent 


I've included a diagnostic and some screenshots of drop down choices, just incase that's helpful.

Thanks for any advice.




Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 23.41.45.png


Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 23.42.23.png


Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 23.42.36.png


Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 23.42.31.png

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Adding screenshots.

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Well after a night of parity checks I normally have an endless list of notifications telling me all disks have overheated, normally well into 50’s or even 60s sometimes.


This morning was a lot better!

96% done and fans running 100% still.

Im still interested in making this better if anyone has any tips/thoughts/comments.



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