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  1. Thanks for this. I'd upgraded my CPU to a supported chip, was going to spend money on a full build just to get an extra pci slot of graphics card, so this has saved me a lot of bother and money. C
  2. Thanks. I honestly can’t remember, but I’m sure I connected to the header on the motherboard. I’ve checked ambient temp, it’s 25c a few inches in front of the case. I’ll check my fans and your suggestions, although it’s a pain to get to bios as I have to rip it all out and connect it to my tv. But I’ll have a go. I was going to upgrade the case and move to Matt for a graphics card, but apart from plex hardware decoding, I no longer have much of a need for it (I was going to do some 3d work at home, but now I can just vpn into the studio thanks to covid). But a bigger/better case would have given me better airflow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. No there isn’t a hepa filter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hi all. This is long overdue. My Lian-Li build has had fans on constantly for years now. I’ve always meant to look into why, but thought it was probably just it’s environment (in a large cupboard under the stairs). But we recently opened up said cupboard to change its configuration and haven’t noticed any change in temps or noise. Build: LianLi q25b ST30SF PSU 2 Gelid silent pwm fans ASUS H81I-Plus motherboard 8gb ram 120gb ssd 4x 3TB drives (WD greens/reds) i5 4670k Applications: usual plex/nzb dockers home assistant vm Average drive temps are 45C Cpu is 48C at 6% load Fans are 2700 and 860 rpms Im open to suggestions. It’s just something I know very little about. If it’s a software tweak, or a hardware change, just throw ideas at me. When we build up the under stairs again I’m going to have a little area at the top. So I might install in and out vents under there to bring the temps down if I can. Thanks for your time.
  5. I replaced my data card with a Dell PERC H310 IT mode And my problems seem to be resolved. thanks for all the help
  6. Well after a night of parity checks I normally have an endless list of notifications telling me all disks have overheated, normally well into 50’s or even 60s sometimes. This morning was a lot better! 96% done and fans running 100% still. Im still interested in making this better if anyone has any tips/thoughts/comments.
  7. Hey all, sorry I just do not know anything about pwm fans so have to ask some pretty basic questions as I've got hot running drives. Or had, they might be more stable now. My motherboard is a Asus H81I-PLUS, I have upgraded the fans to pwm fans and installed the dynamix temp and fan control plugins. They seem to be working. I have an airflow field on my dashboard now, one running at 1521RPM, the other at 1236RPM. I then have a cpu fan, but that's not registering anywhere. Processors temperature (pentium G3420) is at 45C. My drives (4 spinners, 1 SSD) are running at an average of 37C, SSD at 26C. I think previously my fans just weren't working, so those drives would hit 60C easily under load. So I just want to double check I have everything setup correctly. Under Fan Auto Control - PWM controller, I have selected nct6779-pwm1, but there's also pwm2, 4 and 5. The fan it's found is '/sys/devices/platform/nct6775.656/hwmon/hwmon2/fan1_input' but why only one fan? Under the temp plugin, the available drivers are 'coretemp nct6775'. Processor temp = coretemp - CPU Temp - 44C Mainboard temp = acpitz - MB Temp - 27.8C Array fan speed = nct6799 - Array Fan - 1508 RPM Because these have different options and I'm slightly confused why it's only dealing with one fan, I'm here asking for guidance. Is what I've done correct? Could I change things to make it better? The case is quite small, a Lian-Li q25B m-itx case. Additional info: MB = Asus H81M-PLUS CPU = Intel Pentium G3420 PSU = SilverStone SST-ST30SF Fan1 = Gelid Solutions Silent 14 PWM Fan2 = Gelid FN-PX12-15 Silent I've included a diagnostic and some screenshots of drop down choices, just incase that's helpful. Thanks for any advice. Christian
  8. Thanks again! I’ll look for an lsi hba, in the mean time I’ll try moving the ssd to the motherboard if it’s on the card and see if that helps. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Great thanks for the info! I was more worried it was a power supply issue. I can get same day delivery on this: Semlos 4 Ports Sil3114 PCI Sata Raid Controller Card with 2 Sata Cables Which is a Silicon image SIL 3114 host controller chip. Or have you got any other suggestions? Thanks Christian Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Sorry about that, a reboot resolves everything and I didn't realise the logs would re-set, it then took a while overnight to re-fail. Here are the full logs. Thanks!
  11. Hey all, I've had a consistent problem for the past 5+ years with UnRaid taking down the cache drive when a parity check happens (monthly). For this reason I've been running an NUC for Home Automation dockers as this needs to stay up, or at least be back up by the morning. I'd like to put an i7 in and return everything back to UnRaid, but I'll have to solve this issue. I'm currently running 6.7.2 but it's been happening for a long time. I've attached my syslog, it would be great to get this resolved. Thanks Christian syslog.txt
  12. Consumer user. Been using UnRaid about 6-7 years. All important backups go here as well as media, my photography workflow and docker stack for whole house automation, serving the web ui’s, media and various vms for VFX work.
  13. Really? I've been looking at building a new machine to upgrade a mitx intel pentium build. Should I be avoiding Ryzen still? I was looking at the same motherboard but a 1600 cpu for esxi with unraid as guest along with some other VMs and dockers (most intensive being plex of course).
  14. I did a parity check last night just to make sure I wasn’t going mad: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk