Help me cool/silence my rig.


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Hi all. This is long overdue. My Lian-Li build has had fans on constantly for years now. I’ve always meant to look into why, but thought it was probably just it’s environment (in a large cupboard under the stairs). But we recently opened up said cupboard to change its configuration and haven’t noticed any change in temps or noise.



LianLi q25b


2 Gelid silent pwm fans

ASUS H81I-Plus motherboard

8gb ram

120gb ssd

4x 3TB drives (WD greens/reds)

i5 4670k



usual plex/nzb dockers

home assistant vm


Average drive temps are 45C

Cpu is 48C at 6% load

Fans are 2700 and 860 rpms


Im open to suggestions. It’s just something I know very little about. If it’s a software tweak, or a hardware change, just throw ideas at me.


When we build up the under stairs again I’m going to have a little area at the top. So I might install in and out vents under there to bring the temps down if I can.


Thanks for your time.

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You means no any dust filter in Q25b ?


Case have 5 disk slot, pls empty the middle slot for 4 disk install.


BTW, temperature reading not abnormal high,  surrounding and case temp are key factor.


I even haven't install case fan in Lianli Q11 for a standard 65w CPU. ( Always light load )


For about noise, If FAN at 2700 then it will be the source.

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1 hour ago, niietzshe said:


2 Gelid silent pwm fans

ASUS H81I-Plus motherboard




How are the fans connected?


Your motherboard supports PWM fan control if enabled in the BIOS and the fans are connected the the fan headers.

There is only 1 header for CPU and 1 header for Case fans.


If the fans are connected directly the PSU, you either need to buy a fan controller, a low noise adapter (basically a resistor that connects in line with the cable), a fan with a lower speed or switch to PWM (4pin) fans. 


I've used ARCTIC P14 PWM PST (120mm) and ARCTIC P12 PWM PST (120mm) fans as these allow you to piggyback a connector onto a single header.



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Thanks. I honestly can’t remember, but I’m sure I connected to the header on the motherboard. I’ve checked ambient temp, it’s 25c a few inches in front of the case.

I’ll check my fans and your suggestions, although it’s a pain to get to bios as I have to rip it all out and connect it to my tv. But I’ll have a go.

I was going to upgrade the case and move to Matt for a graphics card, but apart from plex hardware decoding, I no longer have much of a need for it (I was going to do some 3d work at home, but now I can just vpn into the studio thanks to covid). But a bigger/better case would have given me better airflow.

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