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I’m not quite sure if this is the correct spot to post this.
I just wanted to post the hardware specs that i’m thinking of using, along with what kind of use the server will get at this stage.


CPU: i7 870
Memory: 8Gb
GPU: Something like a GTX 1060 (Will be dedicated to the Plex Docker)
SSD Cache
Quite a few hard drives
OS: UnRaid


Machine will have 1 VM running, purely for ripping my dvd collection.

No more that 3 concurrent streams.


Just after some ideas from anyone with experience with this kind of setup.

Thanks in advance.

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4 hours ago, JT24 said:

Machine will have 1 VM running, purely for ripping my dvd collection

You could also run MakeMKV in a docker container.  Of course, that would require an optical disk drive in the server.  That setup works well for me. 


I also run MakeMKV from a desktop machine and rip disks directly to the server.

2 hours ago, JT24 said:

Wouldn't the GPU be transcoding?

Yes, but you would need to install the UnRAID Nvidia plugin

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