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Should I upgrade from 6.2.4?

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I've been a long time Unraid user and I'm just now returning to the site for the first time since march of 2017. I'm currently on version 6.2.4 and would like to know if there is any big benefit upgrading to the latest version? The only issue I've ran into recently is Plex losing the ability to see outside my LAN ever since I started using a Netgear 4G LTE Modem. Other than that it's been rock solid.  I really do like the new look of the GUI.

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Compared with your 6.2.4 the latest stable version (6.7.2) contains a lot of security updates, some new features, some cosmetic tweaks and a couple of nasty bugs. I wouldn't recommend upgrading to 6.7.x but instead wait for 6.8, which is currently at the release candidate stage and contains fixes for those bugs. If you really want to upgrade now, then 6.6.7 is a good choice for the time being.


Just a guess, but your Plex problem might be a double NAT issue. LTE operators typically don't give their customers a public IP address but hand out 10.x.y.z style addresses and use NAT to hide everyone behind a much smaller pool of public addresses. If your router is then also using NAT for your LAN it can be difficult for hosts outside your LAN to see your Plex server.

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