Issues with Mover moving back to cache


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So I did a big upgrade of hardware this weekend which included updating to new cache drives - so I set the share to prefer cache to "Yes" ran the mover and it moved everything back to the array.  Perfect.  Then I created the new cache drives and switched the shares back to "Prefer", hit the mover and a few hours later, things were back.  Well, most of the things.  There's many many files left on the array still and running the mover again does nothing.  Any ideas why a bunch of stuff on the same share (say appdata) won't move?  How can I move it - using Krusader or something is pretty difficult as nearly all of the folders were created on the cache - so it'd be a painfully manual move...




running unraid 6.7.2

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alright, not sure WHY it didn't work the first time - but impossible to know at this point.  Found this command and it did the trick for anyone who may run into this issue in the future!


In terminal from the web console (or ssh):

rsync -avh --progress Source/ Destination/

One that's done (and you've verified the data looks good!) delete the data from the shares.

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